Saturday, January 6, 2018

Refresh Your Tired Instagram Feed With The Raddest Makeup Artists To Follow In 2018

Refresh Your Tired Instagram Feed With The Raddest Makeup Artists To Follow In 2018

Like cleaning out your closet or reorganizing your desk, it can be very therapeutic to refresh your social media feeds in the new year. Let's start with Instagram, the app that you (probably) check more frequently than anything else on your phone.
Don't worry about curating your own images all over again — save that task for your next road trip — and instead focus on what you see each morning. It's easy: Take inventory of who you follow, ditch the accounts that you scroll over each day without a second thought, and replace them with pages that actually pause your thumbs and evoke the urge to screenshot, share, or save. We'll even get you started.
The makeup world has exploded onto Instagram over the past few years, but not all accounts elicit the same wonder, inspiration, and excitement. Luckily, every single one ahead does just that — no matter what your aesthetic might be.
Some of the raddest makeup artists to follow on Instagram now, ahead.
Katie Jane Hughes

Hughes is a household name in the editorial world, with work appearing in the pages of magazines such as ElleHarper's Bazaar, and Glamour. The Hughes signature is all about glowing skin, emphasizing freckles and shine, and playing with fun pops of color or glitter on the eyelids and lips. We're so obsessed with her work, we had to find out what's inside her magical makeup bag.

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KKW Beauty Just Teased Lip Glosses and Shimmers, and They're So Sparkly

KKW Beauty Just Teased Lip Glosses and Shimmers, and They're So Sparkly

So surprising, and so pretty.
If you thought KKW Beauty was all about contouring, think again. Hot on the heels of the launch of KKW Fragrance, we've been given a sneak peak of Kim Kardashian's next two beauty products, and they are total perfection. And super sparkly, too.
In a photo shared by make-up artist and beauty blogger Huda Kattan, we're shown a box of the prettiest loose highlighters or shimmers, and a full set of lip glosses. This time, it looks like Kim's products will be going right up against her sister's brand, Kylie Cosmetics:

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Gigi Hadid’s first makeup palette has officially launched

Monday, August 7, 2017

How To Grow Nails Faster And Stronger

1. Lemon juice
Lemon juice is one of the best choices for growing nails at home. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C that is highly beneficial in the growth of your nails. Along with this, it also helps in eliminating the yellow stains from your nails.
Mix lemon juice (1 tbsp.) with olive oil (3 tbsp.) in a bowl. Put the bowl in microwave and heat it up for about 20 minutes. Now, just soak your nails in the prepared solution to get stronger nails.
3. Olive oil
If you want to ensure that your nails grow extremely fast then you have to count on olive oil. The vitamin E present in it helps in increasing the blood circulation, and provides proper nutrition. This is the reason why olive oil is advantageous to grow nails faster and stronger.
Simply warm the olive oil and apply it in your fingers. Massage for about 3 minutes then put on your gloves. The olive oil would work overnight and get you the desired results.
4. Orange juice
Orange juice is another good option to grow nails faster naturally. It provides a perfect punch of Vitamin C to your nails. It helps in the formation of collagen resulting in letting you grow nails stronger.
Squeeze out fresh juice from an orange. Use this juice to soak your nails for about 10 minutes. In last, moisturize your nails properly to get the unbeatable results.