Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bold Eyeliner Makeup Step By Step Tutorial

Bold eye makeup trend can never change as every girl look pretty in bold eye makeup. But are you aware how to apply bold eyeliner? There are some girls who apply liner like a pro, be it liquid or pencil eyeliner, but on the other hand, there are some girls who even don’t know how to hold eyeliner brush. For those, I am sharing amazing tips to apply bold thick eyeliner! Believe me, this makeup trick is not at all a rocket science as it is not required to master to apply eyeliner.  If you feel like guys lose their mind when they look at you while you have applies bold eyeliner, then knows it and does it right away. 

Learn The Multiple Ways To Apply Bold Eye Liner

These Are The Personality Traits of The People Who Bite Their Nails

I know, it is a disgusting habit, but can we stop it? It isn’t like we people don’t have a nail-cutter at home, but if we use it, we won’t get the satisfaction we get when we bite our nails, am I right? Although, it is really irritating when some bits get stuck in our throat and even water doesn’t seem to clear that out. We all, who have this annoying habit, have something in common in our personality trait according to the doctors. Here is what they say. 

Nail biters’s personality:

“We believe that individuals with these repetitive behaviors may be perfectionistic, meaning that they are unable to relax and to perform task at a ‘normal’ pace,” professor of psychiatry Dr Kieron O’Connor says. Should we be proud about it?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

How To Apply Eyeliner Perfectly Based On Your Eye Shape

Doesn’t matter you are going to hit a party or going for a conference, you can always apply an eyeliner. But you cannot any eyeliner according to the occasion as you have to see which eye liner will suit the best according to the occasion.  Undoubtedly eyeliner plays a very effective role when it comes to communication. You should not repeat same eye liner as it requires its own techniques according to the occasion. So, when applying eyeliner, always remember there are do and don’ts of the liner which you have to follow before applying as you need to see which eyeliner will go according to your eye shape. So, let’s figure out which eyeliner is best for your face shape. Scroll down! 

Try Coconut Milk and Lemon Juice to Make An Effective Hair Straightening Cream

Who wouldn't love to get silky straight hairs? It is like a dream of every girl to have attractive silky hairs, but most of the girls take the help of beauty products or heat products to get the same. But are you aware that rather than spending on expensive products you can get straight hairs at home? Yes, you heard right! It is actually simple to get straight hairs at home without any heat or tool. Here I am sharing a DIY homemade remedy to get silky smooth straight hairs at home without spending money. So take a look at the amazing remedy to save your money and enhance your look with straight hairs! Scroll Down!  

how to apply eyeliner properly

I often talk about eyeliner because it is the most essential part of the makeup. If you skip the eyeliner your makeup will look incomplete, which is not recommended if you want to look flawless.
There are several tips and rules which can guide you through the eyeliner application. Some methods of application are wrong and today’s theme will concentrate on the wrong and right ways for eyeliner application. Let’s start with the mistakes:
  • Lining the entire eye is a huge mistake. If you want to look trendy you should follow some rules. Such a rule is to line only the outer halfs of the lash lines and to trace the bottom lash line with only a thin liner.
  • Another mistake that you might do is that you are applying the liner with a hard pencil. First, the hard pencil can damage the fragile skin of the lips and second: the line won’t be applied well.
  • If you need to curl your lashes, do it before the application on the eyeliner, otherwise you risk smudging the liner.
  • Don’t pull the lid while applying the makeup. First, the line won’t be sharp and precise and the other problem is that you will cause premature wrinkling of the eyes if you pull them daily to apply your liner.
And now let me show you one way of liner application which is simply amazing and you will look great every time if you use this method:
  • Apply the color at the top lash line while the lid is lifted and trace only the outer half of the lash line. Start with a thin line at the beginning and thicken the line as you go to the outer corner of the lid.
  • Then trace the bottom lash line with the same color, but cover only the outer half of the lash line and don’t cover the waterline.
  • Done!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You Need To See This New Amazing Hologram Lip Trend

Lips are the most amazing and lovely part of a woman. No man can stop himself to kiss those lipsticked juicy lips. We are habitual of being trendy so here we are with some trendy lipstick shades that would suit your juicy lips.
Now you can make them more juicer. Here are some amazing lipstick trends that you shouldn’t miss.
 1. Black and pink

This lipstick trend is perfect for your royal look. The confidence enhancing style keeps your heart on your lips all the time. Get the contrast of devilish black and pretty pink on your lips

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Place An Onion Slice On Your Teeth… This Could Save Your Pennies

Pizzas and burger are one of the favorite foods of today’s generation.This fondness is increasing generation by generation so the dental problems are. Problems like tooth decay are triggering people every day and dentists are making money easily.
here is an ingredient that can save your money and teeth from decay. Do you wanna know it?
It’s an onion. Yes! Don’t go for its bad smell, it’s actually a good cure for tooth decays and you can stay away from other dental problems.

Fun Summer Makeup Looks

Summer means being able to go from day to night with a hot makeup trend. These 3 Beautylish babes know how to look fresh and keep the summer fun going!

 Bold and Fun Summer Fun Makeup with Oranges by Asia F.

Asia shows you how to punch up your makeup with bright summer colors like teal and tangerine.

 Golden Beach Babe Look by Leesha C.

Leesha creates this bronzy beach makeup look with a touch of glitter. 

 Glam Purple Look with Meagan A.

Meagan demonstrates an easy purple dewy look that can change up that neutral eye you've been doing all summer by substituting taupe and gray with purple!

Lifestyle, StylemateThis Girl Tried Cheap Vs Expensive Makeup And This Is What Happened

Taking care of your beauty is the most essential duty. A perfect makeup provides you attractive and gorgeous look and add a new charm to your face. Many of us have a misconception that the more expensive makeup products have automatically better result. But do you think it is true?
Here in this article we are going to find out the solution by simply comparing expensive makeup products to their similar product but much cheaper in cost. By doing this we can find the conclusion that is it possible to create a perfect makeup look without spending too much money on expensive products? Let’s see.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

How to get pink lips naturally at home

Hi guys welcome back to my channel. Today I am going to share with you guys on how to get pink lips very easily at home. First you will need a lip scrub and its very easy to make.