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How your man cooks says a lot about him

How your man whips up a meal says a lot about his personality

The mix and matcher 

These men are concerned with nutrition, but also enjoy the convenience of packaged foods. They look for opportunities to achieve both goals, often adding their own special touch (like seasoning or additional ingredient) to the packaged item. They happily follow directions, feeling relief at not having to figure the whole meal out by themselves. The idea for the meal possibly came from a magazine or advertisement because this type of person likes to have a framework in place. So, playing hard to get with a person like him is likely to backfire.

The barbecue expert 

Men who like to barbecue their meals tend to be masculine and usually ascribe to the 'bigger the better' school of cooking and philosophies in life. It's all about taste with hearty marinades and rich sauces. This chef knows what he's doing. From preparing the grill to determining cooking times, it's all instinct and meant to impress. Though the Grill Master likes to be in control, underneath the tough exterior can be a tender ego that responds well to praise.

The unusual foodie

This type is all about trying new things, whether in the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter. He is up on the latest trends and must-try ingredients. They tend to be extroverts and look to experts for guidance. This guy will be focused on the meal and have great reverence for the ingredients being used. Foodies love to share their discoveries, and your appreciation will show that your sense of wonder is intact — a turn on for them.

The fancy free 

Does he let inspiration dictate his menu? People who regularly cook without recipe books in front of them tend to be creative thinkers. When determining ingredients, seasoning, time and temperature, they turn to personal thoughts, experiences and feelings. This chef holds an image in mind of the finished dish, and uses that as guidance for to what to do next. These are attributes of creative types who tend to be sensitive to their surroundings.

The easy gourmet 

This guy is not interested in complicated directions. A few simple guidelines are all he needs. Convenience is key. Some may start a dish in the wave and finish it by another method. Microwaves are fast and food can often be cooked in the same vessel it is served in, saving valuable clear-up time. They are super fussy, too.

The devout vegetarian 

Vegetarian men tend to be compassionate. They are concerned with health, the environment, and humane treatment of animals. They are willing to spend extra time in the kitchen for the benefits of lower fat intake. So brush up on your environmental awareness so you can make good dinner conversation. Vegetarians like to be around people who share their values. So, don't try to fake it. Nobody likes to be patronized.

The nurturer 

These chefs are all about taking care of their guests and like to prepare comfort food. Dishes will often be prepared from memory, or using a recipe written on a piece of paper that is many years old. While the ingredients used may not be as health conscious as today's consumer trends, there will be an incredible amount of love poured into this meal. But be sure and tell them how nice it is to have them cook for you. They can't hear it enough. The more you soak up the experience, the more the nurturer will ladle it on.

The health freak 

This fellow is focused on health and weight control in particular. There may be some insecurity issues going on or doubts about self image, as well as some need to control what they put in a recipe in order for them to enjoy the meal without guilt. This chef will go extra mile in the kitchen to meet goals — precise measuring of ingredients, dietary points tallied and controlled servings. He needs to feel in control.

Happy explorer 

This guy likes to go off the beaten track. Ethnic foods offer intrigue, mysterious flavors. He is likely to be open-minded and see the world as one big community. The chef will follow a recipe and may interpret a dish with what he has on hand. He isn't afraid to experiment, grow and learn. This is a person who is willing to step out of his comfort zone, palate and otherwise. He is ready for spontaneity, whether it's picking a to watch or planning a last-minute weekend away.

Weight-loss surgery cuts chances of liver damage

Researchers have said that bariatric surgery, which is best known for its ability to help patients lose substantial weight, can also result in significant improvement in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Researchers at the University of South Florida-Tampa found that bariatric surgery resolved liver inflammation and reversed early-stage liver fibrosis, the thickening and scarring of liver tissue, by reducing fat deposits in the liver.

Michel Murr, MD, lead researcher of the study, professor of surgery and director of Tampa General Hospital and USF Health Bariatric Center, said their findings suggest that providers should consider bariatric surgery as the treatment of choice for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in severely obese patients.

Researchers compared liver biopsies from 152 patients — one at the time of the bariatric procedure and a second an average of 29 months afterwards.

In examining pre-operative biopsies, researchers identified patients with cellular-level manifestations of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, specifically, fat deposits and inflammation of the liver. These types of liver damage can lead to liver fibrosis and cirrhosis, which can be life-threatening.

After reviewing post-operative biopsies, they found that bariatric surgery resulted in improvements for these patients. In the post-operative biopsies, researchers found that fat deposits on the liver resolved in 70 per cent of patients. Inflammation was also improved, with lobular inflammation resolved in 74 per cent of patients, chronic portal inflammation resolved in 32 percent, and steatohepatitis resolved in 88 per cent.

In addition to these improvements, 62 per cent of patients with stage two liver fibrosis had an improvement or resolution of the fibrosis. One of three patients with cirrhosis also showed improvement. Dr. Murr noted that these findings on fibrosis reversal apply only to early-stage fibrosis, and not late-stage liver disease.

Yawn can cool your brain

It may look unpleasant in office meeting or in the middle of a social dinner but yawning does help cool your brain.

Yawning frequencies of people also vary with change in seasonal temperature, a research said.

"The contagious yawning is constrained to an optimal thermal zone or range of ambient temperatures. Yawning subsequently functions to keep the brain temperature balanced and in optimal homeostasis," explained psychologist Andrew Gallup from State University of New York at Oneonta (SUNY Oneonta).

The researchers hypothesised that yawning should only occur within an optimal range of temperatures - a thermal window.
To test this, Jorg Massen and Kim Dusch of University of Vienna measured contagious yawning frequencies of pedestrians outdoors in Vienna, Austria and during both the winter and summer months.
They compared these results to an identical study conducted earlier in arid climate of Arizona, US.

Pedestrians were asked to view a series of images of people yawning, and then they self-reported on their own yawning behaviour.
Results showed that in Vienna people yawned more in summer than in winter, whereas in Arizona, people yawned more in winter than in summer.

It turned out that it was neither the seasons nor the amount of daylight hours experienced but that contagious yawning was constrained to an optimal thermal zone.
According to Massen, "where yawning functions to cool the brain, yawning is not functional when ambient temperatures are as hot as the body, and may not be necessary or may even have harmful consequences when it is freezing outside".

What to eat for a brighter skin

Shelling out that last penny in the salon and still, women fret about maintaining a glowing complexion throughout the year. It's no secret that drinking about eight to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis will help clear those impurities and give you a healthy looking skin. But it's not just water that will add to your skin's radiance. There are many edibles that will keep you glowing. Here's an index of what you should add to your daily food slot to look bright and pretty.


Yes, this is one secret that has been out of grandma's kitchen trove for the longest time. Strawberries are known to be brilliant as it benefits the skin in more than one way. This accessory fruit is known to be rich in coenzyme Q10, a substance that helps fight free radical damage, and lessens the pace of aging, increases both the adeptness and rate of cellular energy production. Quite high in alpha-hydroxyl acid, this fruit helps get rid of dead skin cells and helps the body build collagen. Another great thing about strawberries, it's highly concentrated with vitamin C, an essential antioxidant that helps prevent skin blemishes, fights the aging process and the harmful effects of the sun.


There are many reasons to toss a tomato in your diet, it adds to the content of collagen in the skin, thus preventing it from sagging. Also, tomatoes have higher antioxidants , this helps reduce fine lines on the skin. Also, eating tomato sauce and tomato juice can help clear up acne.


Another fruit apart from the strawberry that is extremely high in antioxidants are oranges. These help brighten the skin. Orange, a citrus fruit, contains vitamin C, that helps prevent conditions like skin inflammation. One thing known about vitamin C is that, it helps improve the absorption of Vitamin E and iron in the body, and this in turn gives you a radiant complexion. You might have noticed, there are many skin care products that have orange extracts in them.


Eggs are great for the skin, they help soften, firm and hydrate the skin. It is known to contain amino acids that help in generation of new skin cells. A study states that two major antioxidants that eggs contain, lutein and zeaxanthin, is known to increase more than four times the protection against the UV damage that leads to lines, brown spots, and cancer. Apparently, eating about one egg a day significantly increases blood levels of lutein and zeaxanthin (but not cholesterol).

(Compiled by Simi Kuriakose)

Tips to avoid your red lipstick from bleeding

Red lipstick woes strike even the most diligent of makeup users. While a bold red pout can be an instant deal maker, it can also break the deal if the lipstick stains your teeth or worse, if the lip colour bleeds and forms an outer ring around your mouth.

To avoid such a disaster, follow these steps to sport those perfectly crafted, enchanting red lips:

  • Rub a toothbrush lightly over your lips to remove any extra skin. Then, apply lip balm, covering your lips entirely.
  • Now, line your lips with a nude lip liner. Otherwise, choose the same shade of liner as your lipstick and make a neat line.

  • Fill your lips with the lip liner. Now apply lipstick.
  • After you are done, put your index finger in your mouth and gently pull it out. The excess colour will transfer to your finger and leave your lips smudge-free.
  • Lastly, smile. Not just for that added oomph but also to ensure that there is no excess colour on the sides or the joints of your lips. Wipe any extra colour.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Gunmetal and Glitter Makeup Idea

No makeup ideas? Don`t worry we have one, which will help you impress everyone around you. It is the gunmetal and glitter makeup, which is suitable for so many occasions.


It is similar to the smokey eye, as it required darker shades, but we`d say it is much more easier.
Simply prime your eyes and apply grey eyeshadow as shown on the picture. The darkest shade should reach the middle of the upper eyelid.
This is also the area, where you need to apply black glitter.


The lower eyelid also requires a little bit of makeup – don`t forget to apply it there, too.
There is no need to line your eyes, but you can do it, if you like the more dramatic effect. Apply mascara and you are done. Just smile now, as you look fabulous!

Easiest Way To Shape Brows

DIY perfect shaped eyebrows . It is possible now with this special stencil .
Have you ever tried it ? If not , you should . It will help you to shape your brows just in seconds .

So first create the perfect looking brows and then finish your look with creating  awesome winged eyeliner .  Enjoy !

Haire Style : Vintage Faux Bob

Sometimes even the girls with the most beautiful long hairs dream of having a shorter hair cut, even just for a day. We have a solution for such moments – the vintage faux bob.

You will need:

• Metal styling clips (short and long)
• A 1/2-inch curling iron
• Bobby pins
• Tissue
• Hair elastics
• Hairspray

What to do:

1. Divide your hair into 4 sections – at the front, at the back and to the sides.

2. Curl each section, except from the nape at the back, using your curling iron. Secure each curl with a clip, as shown on the picture.

3. Release the back section and braid it against the head. If you don`t feel confident enough, ask a friend for some help.

4. Carefully release the curls

5. Depending on where you want the waves to fall, use long styling clips and tissue to clip them.

6. Now separate your hair into two sections, as if you are making pigtails and wrap some tissue around each section.

7. Remove the tissue from one side and start rolling the length of your hair under.

8. Keep rolling until you reach the nape of your neck. Secure with bobby pins.

9. Do the same with the other side

10. Finally, remove the clips and tissue from the front section and spread it over the rest of the hair.

Hair style : How to Create Lace Braid

Have you ever tried to create a lace braid ? If not, here is your chance to try .

In this tutorial you can see step by step how to make beautiful long lace braid .
In my opinion this hairstyle is perfect for some special event , party etc.
You should try to create it , it wont take you time and i  am sure you will do it great