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1 Eyeliner, 5 Looks!

This product, the eyeliner, is truly incredible! It can create many different looks, and just think about it – it’s a simple line on your eyelid! Below you will read a few types and the way they are made, along with good combinations of products!

1. Casual
Usually the casual eyeliner is a simple thin line on your upper lid and nothing more. No wings, no special effects. The pencil eyeliners are the easier to use for such a liner, rather the the liquid type.
This look is easy to make. Take your eyeliner and dot onto your top lid, making it as close as possible to your eyelashes. Afterwards, while it’s still wet and can be smeared, grab a cotton swab, a brush or your clean finger and blend the dots together. This makes your makeup look nature and pretty much undetectable.
You can also simply draw the line with the eyeliner and give it a bolder look.
2. Work
When you are at work you can attach small wings to your thin eyeliner, accompanied with a neautral eyeshadow. You can both use the dot and connect method, or directly draw it – whateve you may find easier. But, be careful and don’t overdo you eye shadows!
3. Classy
Now, the classy eyeliner is the very well know vintage winger liner. It has longer wings than the working liner and you can actually be more creative when you are doing this makeup. You can combine it with a bit darker shades, but just a bit. It goes well with all kinds of hairstyles and can be fit for many occasions.
4. Evening
Now, the evening eyeliner is not only more complex, but it can be applied along with darker shadows. For the evening you need a more intense look. This involves lining both the upper and lower outer lid. Along with that, combine two colors of eye shadows – one lighter and more neutral, and the other one darker, creating a nice transition between the two colors.
5. Heavy
Now, the heavy makeup is basically a long winged eyeliner, but you can be very creative with it. Like, do a double winged one, make it thicker, draw a line on your lower lid, a tiny bit lower than the rim of your lashes. You can fully outline your eyes and create a cat eye, along with smokey eyeshadows.

DIY: Gothic Eye Makeup

Go deep and dark with your very own Gothic Eye Make up tutorial!

Grab your: Concealer, white eyeshadow, dark grey eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, black kohl eyeliner, eyelash curler, make up sponge, applicator brush and mascara and we’re ready to get goth!
gothic -makeup

Hacks For Smooth Lipstick

I’m sure that you use the cold weather as an excuse for not wearing lipsticks. It dries your lips, or doesn’t look good on a chapped lips, but the colors are so beautiful and trendy right now, why you waste the opportunity of looking amazing every single day. The trick is to throw away the universal tinted lip balm and stick to the great colors of the lipsticks you own.

Now I will show you several tricks for maintaining perfectly soft lips and you will have no more excuses for not wearing a lipstick. Take a look:
The key is in the exfoliation treatment. Without this step you can’t do anything to solve the problem of the chapped, dry lip skin. You can buy a lip scrub from any beauty store, you have near to your place, but there are also two really simple homemade recipes that I know:
  • Sugar + coconut oil/honey. Mix one tablespoon of sugar and just a pinch of coconut oil or honey, as much as it is needed to make a thick paste out of the sugar.
  • Oatmeal + honey. Again, One tablespoon of oatmeal and enough honey to make a paste.
Rub the paste with a finger or a baby toothbrush to the lips. Then rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize immediately with a lip balm or petroleum jelly.
Exfoliate the lips once a week or once in two weeks, but meanwhile do this trick in order to maintain always soft lips:

shoes t

Apply lip balm or petroleum jelly to the lips and wait a couple of minutes until it softens the skin. Then use a clean mascara brush and exfoliate the lips with it. You can do this trick before the application of the lipstick in order to remove any chance of a dry cuticle to show up and ruin the whole look of the colored lips, which will make you forget about the application of the colorful lipsticks and you will get back to the boring lip balm.

Get Rid of Those Nasty Dark Underarms

Are you scared of getting your hands up because of the dark underarms? I know it can be a source of anxiety and embarrassment. But as we try to help you with everything, what’s stopping us for trying to solve this problem as well.

Let us start with the things that cause this problem – hair removal creams, shaving, buildup of dead skin, excessive sweating, fungal and bacterial infections, harsh chemicals in deodorants and so on.
Here are some natural solutions for dark underarms:
Citrus juices
Just rub a slice of lemon gently on the underarms for 10-15 minutes. The lemon is a natural lightener. Other fresh juices that will do the work too are from tomato, cucumber, orange, etc.
Baking soda
Scrub the underarm area with a thick paste of tablespoon of baking soda and a little water. This mixture removes the dead skin.
Coconut oil
Except for the lightening effect it also nourishes and moisturizes your skin. To increase the effectiveness you can add half a teaspoon of lemon juice in a teaspoon of coconut oil.
Apple cider vinegar
Mix it with rice flour in order to make thick paste. Apply it on the problematic area and wash it off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.
Mix 1 tablespoon each of raw milk, plain yogurt and gram flour. Apply on the skin and let it work for about 15-20 minutes to lighten dark underarms.
It’s great that there are home natural remedies for removing the dark underarms, but we should also think of how to prevent getting those nasty stains:
  • Try to wax rather than shave. Shaving doesn’t remove the hairs from the roots and it gives the impression of dark underarms.
  • Switch your deodorant to alum powder.

Beautiful Natural Contouring and Highlighting

The most important thing before starting to apply any makeup on your face is to make sure that your skin is clean and you’ve applied a good moisturizer .

Once you apply the moisturizer to your face wait for few minutes for it to be absorbed into your skin.
Today we will show you how to contour and highlight your face .
If you do it well at the end you will have natural and beautiful look.
Just need to follow our steps below.
Apply darker foundation when you contour your face . And lighter when you highlight . 
Remember when blending in the highlighter under your eyes to blend and drag it back to your hair line by your temple.
At the end finish with some beautiful natural eye makeup or if you like more dramatic look just use darker colors . 
Enjoy !
contour and highlight

How to Line your Eyes In Accordance With Their Shape and Size

Every girl out there has tried to line her eyes at least once. Well, we must admit that the first few attempts are not quite successful, but thankfully everything changes at a later stage. In this article we just wanted to point out that the eyes ‘shape and size play an important role for the proper eye lining

There are some techniques, which could make the eyes look smaller or bigger for example, so keep reading and enjoy our tips next time you are lining your eyes.
How to line small eyes:

1. Best overall: The Classic

the classic

Usually if you line the whole eyes both up and down with a black liner, this will make them look even smaller, so avoid this at any cost. Simply line the upper eyelid – that`s enough.

2. Best for Work: To the Point

to the point

This is just like the classic one, but the line is thinner. It works best with a freshly sharpened liner.
Don`t forget to apply mascara, too.

3. Best for a Date Night: Cat Eye

exotic cat eye

This is very exotic makeup, which works great by making the eyes visually bigger and the lashes also appear larger. You need to start lining at the innermost corner and make sure not to go beyond the outward edge of the eyebrow. If you are not sure, just hold the pencil vertically to define the end point of the black wing, considering the eyebrow end.

4.Best for Change-up: Ultraviolet


Sometimes black get boring, so don`t be afraid to experiment and go for an ultraviolet liner. This will make a great contrast, especially if you have bold eye color.

5,6. Best for a Girls Night Out

girls night out
night out-liner

These are two variations of the same look. The first one uses a thick line, while the other one uses a thinner one. This makeup technique is being used to create the illusion of an eye crease for women with small, heavily-creased eyes. It may look a bit too dramatic, but if you fill it in with brown, taupe or grey shadows, the look instantly gets subtle and classic.

How to Curl With Foil and Hot Water

Last week we showed you how to curl your hair with foil and iron. Today we are going to show you tutorial how to do curls just with foil. 

This is very easy and cheap way to  get beautiful long curls. 
First cut the foil into pieces . Then section your hair and wrap it a little in the shape of a papillote curler , after that roll the hair up.
Next  thing you should do is to boil water and pour it over the part you want to curl . Juts be careful  how hot is the water .


After pouring the water over the wig let it dry. After that remove the foil . Don’t brush the curls. 
That’s all! Enjoy

How to Fake a Nose Job

In this article we will show you a little contouring trick to fake your nose. It is really easy and the effect is amazing.  The best thing is that no scalpel necessary.

First apply makeup as usual. Then use a crease brush and a matte bronzer and brush the bronzer from the inner corner of the eyebrow to the end of your nose.Repeat on the other side of your nose.
After that apply bronzer to the tip of your nose. This step actually creates the illusion that your nose is shorter.Using a blender brush gently blend out any harsh edges along the sides of your nose. Don’t forget toRepeat on the other side of your nose.
Finally useyour finger and a highlighter and softly blend a small amount on the upper bridge of your nose. Be careful not to extend it to far down the nose. 

How to Fake a Nose Job

Different Lip Shapes & How to Play with Them

Kevin Aucoin was a famous American makeup artist who has left behind a lot of knowledge, tips and most of all, a great makeup brand. His attitude towards lipstick has always included a little big of extravagance and freedom: for instance, he said that following the natural lip shape is only one option to do your makeup, but there is so much more.

Here are some looks that you can create by accentuating on your lips and thinking outside the box:
Natural Lip
This is maybe the most basic lipstick style, with a symmetrically shaped mouth, no overdoing and a nice natural color.
Glamour Girl
Going just a little over the end of the upper lip and extending it slightly was Marylin Monroe’s beauty trick for seductiveness. Definitely a good one!
Here the Cupid’s bow is filled and hidden. That creates a fuller lips effect, following the example of fashion icons like Naomi Campbell and Kate Hepburn.
Bonnie Parker”
This look is more angular and sharp, even though it slightly follows the natural lip shape, resembling a late ’60s à la Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde.
Cupid’s Bow

The exagerration in this look makes it very feminine, seductive and playful. The edges of the drawn lip line are very sharp, and they go both inside and outside of the natural lip line.

Find The Best Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

Chances are that every one of you that’s reading this article has a different face shape. Face shapes are one of those things that make us different and unique – they change the way our other features look and many times we have to consider them when we do out makep or we change our hairstyle. There is one other thing we have to coordinate with our face shape – the way our eyebrows look. We have about how important is finding the right eyebrow shape and how much our faces change when we haven’t done our brows right. This time I’m going to share with you some tips on for to shape your brows according to the way your face looks. You will be amazed how much your whole appearance will change when you adjust something so small like your brows!

There are 5 different shapes of faces – round, oval, square, heart-shaped and diamond-shaped and first I will talk about the round face shape.

  Round face shape
If you have a round shaped face, the best way to make it look longer and slimmer if by using your eyebrows. When shaping them, you need to make them with as high as possible arch and as low as possible edge. This way when someone looks at you face it will look much longer and you won’t look so chubby in the cheek area. The eyebrow shape that you should go for is the angled one. The best thing to do is to download some eyebrow stencils for the Internet and use them for the first several times until you figure everything out. Celebrities with round faces are Mila Kunis, Emma Stone and Charlize Theron.
  Oval face shape
If you have an oval face shape that means that your  forehead is much bigger than your chin and your cheeks stand out more. The perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape is the soft-angled shape. Again, you can use stencils or use some of the Hollywood celebrities as inspiration. Some of the women with oval face shape are Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham and Beyonce.
Square face shape
People with square shaped faces have a jaw line, cheekbones and forehead at the same width. You need to bring some softness in your face using your eyebrows and balance it a bit. Making a soft angle is a good idea if you don’t make it too thin. A thicker brow will create a balance between your strong jaw line and your face and your features will look a lot softer. My face is square shaped and I have found out that the thick angled brows that I go for and the best type of brows for my face. Celebrities with square faces are Uma Thurman, Cameron Diaz and Anjelina Jolie.
  Heart-shaped face shape
It’s hard to make a difference between the oval face shape and the heart face shape at least in the beginning. The main difference is that people with heart shaped faces have a pointier chin and fuller cheeks. If you have a heart shaped face then it has to look like Amanda Seyfried’s or Taylor Swift’s face. The best eyebrow shape for your face is the rounded one. Round brows will give your face the softness it needs and will make your features less prominent. You can also go for a soft-angled eyebrow – a shape that’s so versatile it goes with every face shape.
Diamond-shaped face shape
The last shape I’m going to talk about, the diamond shape, is not so common, but still many of the celebrities have it. A diamond-shaped face has a shorter forehead and it’s wider at the temples. The perfect eyebrow shape for a face like this is the curvy one. A soft curvy brow will help you cover your wide temples. If you don’t like how it look, you can always try the round shaped brows and see if they fit. Celebrities with face like yours are Rihanna, Sophia Loren and Salma Hayek.

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AMAZING Beauty Secrets that nobody told you about ! (Sophia Loren)

The famous Italian actress Sophia Loren on September 20 this year, turned 77 years. If you make a comparison between her and our grandmother, the difference in appearance is striking … right. Four years ago she posed nude for the famous calendar of Pirelli. Her secret to preserve and maintain her beauty will be presented to you now. According to the actress herself beauty needs constant maintenance and care, and no injections, implants; plastic surgeries can make you as beautiful as if you alone worry about maintaining it every day. Start by creating your own image, because the hairstyle, makeup and outfit only facilitate the overall look. But what still needs to be addressed, we will start examining them one by one.

Nutrition – Sofia loves pasta. She weighs 60 kg. with height of 173 cm., and every three months she makes a relaxing two-day diet. This is not a complicated diet, but rather two days in which to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink juices. If it comes to the daily diet, Sophia Loren advises that initially you should eat protein products for better absorption, and a few minutes after the salad, potatoes or sauce.
You should not start the day, even when you do not have an appetite, with just a cup of coffee, you better eat a slice of bread and fruits. This will give you energy and give you courage. Science found that the sooner the breakfast is, the better the food is digested. Surest path to obesity and disease is eating on foot. When you constantly buzz around, your organs can not relax, and with it crisps, sandwiches and pastries condemn the organism to suffering.
If you get hungry, drink mineral water or juice, and the time between meals you should drink more. Then your body will be permanently cleansed from slag and dust. The usual dinner star is macaroni salad, a small piece of fish or meat. You should not be afraid of pasta the complex carbohydrates that are not in a large amount are absorbed easily and are needed by the body to allow the brain to function normally. And except for the pasta, the same goes for potatoes, rice, peas and beans. If you eat those, hunger disappears quickly because the levels of blood sugar fall. This way, it is easier to lose weight with diet that contains complex carbohydrates. They create a feeling of fullness, giving the body the necessary energy and then burn them efficiently.
The skin is a mirror of health. If you take care of your skin, you are working for the future, as the woman who has nice skin looks good at all times. Women with oily skin are lucky because it wrinkles later in life. But because of excessive greasiness they use strong lotions and creams, all of which makes it less smooth, and the skin may be even harmed. The women with normal to dry skin should not take special care of the skin, but because beauty is a gift that needs to be kept, doing masks and various nourishing treatments is still needed. Daily tricks and proper nourishment are the key to staying beautiful at any age.

The Best Makeup Contouring trick ever

Flawless skin and perfect complexion, companied by adorable blush, long lashes and juicy lips – perfection.

But only Snow White can boast with such a description for her face.
The rest of us have to work hard to have perfect skin and everything.
A doll-like face is the way to feel like a princess.
I don’t know what I’m going to do without my makeup kit and tools these days, I’ll be lost.
You can achieve this kind of makeup only with the contouring and highlighting technique. It will make your skin flawless and porcelain.
The rules are well known:Lighter foundation in the center of the face and Darker foundation for the perimeter + the cheekbones.
Highlight the T-zone. Center of the forehead, the nose, chin, the area between the cheekbone and the jaw line, the smile creases around the mouth, the cupid’s bow. Use a brush or your fingers to apply the foundation. You’d better use a brush.Contour the rest of the face. The top of the forehead, cheekbones, sides of the nose.

Blend in the whole thing, but be careful not to smudge the colors too far from their places.Add some blush to the cheekbones. Shape and fill in the brows. Make your eye makeup and define the lips.

Amazing Contouring Makeup trick For all Skin types !

This contouring is about pale skin and heart shape face. In general the rules are the same but when you have pale skin the amount of the bronzer must be minimal.

Apply a primer, this is important for every type of skin.
Use a highlighter to paint all your face and with a bronzer contour on two sides of the hair line, below the check bone, on two sides of the chin only 2 small line and to you nose.Blend the makeup with a brush and continue with the rest of the makeup.

How to Choose a Hair Color According to you eyes !

A lot of women dye their hair in different colors although they sometimes don’t choose the right shade. The previous year trend was the ombre hair and several females have tried this. You already know that the perfect hair color should suit with your skin color so you should consider this fact.

It’s so damaging for your hair if you change its color time after time and play from the dark colors to the light ones. If you have black hair, it’s really difficult and harmful so you should brighten it step by step.
Have a look at the advice we have listed below for you and then take the right decision. When you have to pick up the right hair color, you should take into consideration.

1. Skin color :
If you have white skin, you ought to choose the light blonde shades and medium fair hair. You can’t choose dark colors because you will look to pale.
If you have medium dark skin, the suitable colors to choose are all the shades.
If you have dark skin, we suggest you brown, black and red shades.

2. Eyes color :
In this aspect you need to choose those colors that accentuate your eyes color and distinguish them.

Remove Eye Dark Cycles with Contouring forever !

This contouring is used mostly for women with dark under eye cycles. The girl shown on the photo has a clean face in general but you can easy notice that her problem are those dark cycles.

First apply the highlighter, a triangle between eyebrows, a line to your nose, two semi cycles under the eye
,a dot to the chin and two oblique lines below the chick bone.
Add the bronzer on two sides of the forehead, to the check bone, and on two sides of the chin.Blend them together and continue with the rest of the makeup with the shades you love.

How to Fill in Your Brows fast !

Filling your eyebrows can be difficult especially if your brows don’t have any shape or you just don’t have the makeup you need. Some people choose not to fill in their brows leaving their makeup unfinished and therefore making it look sloppy. Of course, if you’re not into eyebrow filling you can always skip it, especially if you’re going for a more natural look, but don’t forget that eyebrows are the frame of the face and how they look can reflect on your whole appearance.

Here I am going to show you how to shape your eyebrows in just 9 easy steps. You will need tweezers, concealer, eyebrow pencil (you can use eyeshadow if you don’t have a pencil) of an eyebrow filler kit.

The first thing you need to do is to clean your eyebrows. Using the tweezers, remove any excessive hair and shape your brows however you’d like. I advice you to go to a professional who will shape your brows according to the shape of your face and from then on you’ll just have to clean them yourself without changing the shape. After your brows are finished, gently line the bottom part with a pancil or a filler.

Line the upper part of your brows, too. You eyebrows should be a tone of two lighter than your hair so keep that in mind when browsing for eyebrow makeup. Fill in the space between the two lines and blend it all in. Blending is extremely important for eyebrow filling because you want to look natural without harsh lines and edges. Use your concealer and apply it on your brow bone, just under the brow. This way, you will have a clean line and your brows will stand out more.
Brush your brows and blend everything in again. If you don’t have time apply only mascara because when you have a strong brow and no makeup your eyes tend to look small and lashless. If you got the time, make a cat eye or a smoky eye to complete the look. And don’t forget the mascara!

MUST SEE : How to Get Rid of Blackheads in 3 minutes

Women complain that they don’t have enough time to take care of themselves. But they spend hours and hours shopping and don’t save 15 minutes to prepare a mask for their face. 

So girls you should pay attention to your skin and not leave behind the beauty of your face. When you look at the 40 or 50 year-old models, actresses and singers such as Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston , you dream to have a skin like theirs. But you can’t have it , if you don’t’ care enough. We are proposing you some simple instructions of making masks at home. You don’t need to go to a beautician and this mask will take only 15 min. 

You should continue doing this mask at least twice a month in order to have a fresh and clean face. You need only two things : gelatin envelope unflavored and some milk.

First step : blend one teaspoon of gelatin with two or three teaspoons of milk.
Wait until they get shaped as a paste.
You heat up the paste by placing it in the microwave just for some seconds.
After you take out the paste of the microwave, mix it again a few times.
Then you should apply a thin layer of it on your nose.
In order to have the desirable effect, you must keep it 15 minutes.
When you feel your skin strengthened you can take it off.

AMAZING Contouring Tutorial For Pale Skin!!

Pale skin always need some foundation to balance the face color. If you are the kind of girl that love wearing makeup this tutorial will help you to improve it.

Clean you face and use some tonic lotion as well for a better cleaning and apply a primer.
Apply the highlighter on the center of the face and contour with a bronzer the face perimeter, nose, cheeks and chin.
Make sure to apply enough highlighter under the eye if you have dark cycles.Blend it with a brush and your face will look doll face.

Transform your hair to Barbie hair ! Without A Flattening Iron!

For a soft and straight hair it is not needed for the flattening iron to be part of your everyday morning routine. It is even unhealthy for the hair, to be honest.
Instead, you can simply try this new home remedy and have the wanted hair effect! And it is also very healthy and will also feed up the hair.

For the mask you will need a tbsp of extra virgin oil, a tbsp of castor oil, 1 tbsp of burdock oil, 1 tbsp of sunflower oil and 1 tea spoon honey, along with an egg yolk.
These products will stimulate the moisturizing of the hair. This is why if your hair is oily, it is not a good idea to use this mask. For all other types of hair this home mask is harmless. If your hair is already injured from the flattening iron, you can add into the mixture the vitamins A, B5 and E.
The mask must be applied on a clean and slightly damp hair. Leave the mixture on your head for about an hour and afterwards wash it with a shampoo.
To maintain your hair perfectly you must use the needed products. When you have to buy shampoo and conditioner, take a look if they have the straightening hair formula. Along with these two products, you can search for hair creams and sprays, which can keep your healthy for a long time. The prices of such products are variating, depending on their stamp.
The stylizing products should not be used every day, because they can make your hair dry and weak. Their usage for no more than two times a week is acceptable to keep your hair healthy. And, ladies, this also includes the hair drier, curling iron and flattening iron.
The food your consume is also a factor for your hair. Add products which include the vitamines B6 and B12 in your menu, such as bannanas and potatoes.
And last, but not least, most hairdressers are trying their best to take into consideration the natural form of your hair. The last thing they wish to do is to completely change your hair.

TOP Secret : How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

You can’t chose the shape of your face, colour of your eyes, either the size of your nose!Although some things can be changed through dramatic measurements such as plastic surgery, not many are keen for that! That’s why Sephora has shared this awesome picture 
 tutorial that is going to help everyone that is looking for a beauty trick to downsize their nose.

-Begin by highlighting your nose at the top such as shown in the first picture.
-Using a dark brown pencil, contour your nose carefully (see picture number 3)
– Once done, blend the two together using a makeup brush
– Apply shimmer at the top of your nose where you previously applied highlighter; this help highlighting the right area and hiding the extra ones you don’t want to be obvious.
-Blend one more time everything using a big makeup brush and you are done!  You can clearly see the difference from the first picture and the last.

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Cartoon Roses Stiletto Nail Art -Step by Step

Very creative piece this one is, the roses and the jewelry go very well together. You will only need duct tape, Fountain pen, green nail polish, purple nail polish and white. It doesn’t really matter what type of objects you stick onto the bottom of the nails.
  • Place the duct tape on the bottom of the nail.
  • Apply the white as the base for the top of the nail and let dry.
  • From the top corner of the nail place a purple mark and repeat the process in the opposite end.
  •  With the fountain pen began to draw outlines of roses and leaves.
  • Apply the green but do not over do it.
  • Let everything dry.

Remove the type and began to apply jewelry.

10 Top Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

A good hair-do on the wedding day is the dream of every bride, bridesmaid or guest. Most brides want to grace their special day with long hair. For that they have the tedious job of choosing from a long list of wedding hairstyles for long hair. There are so many hairstyles for brides with long hair to choose from that it often becomes difficult to pick one.

1. Cascading Curls


Cascading Curls are increasing in trend over the past couple of years. With one side of the head showing the majority of the full length of hair in a curly fashion, the rest of the hair are pinned onto the back of the head the side where the hair are falling down. This side-swept hair styles allows a woman to show off her full length of the hair and the curls. Creamy Pomade is the product you would want to go for in order to achieve this style.

2. Sleek Updo


One of the most appealing hairstyles for brides with long hair is all about being classy; soft swept aside hair on the top of the face with a side parting. There is a small puff at the top, but the hair is pinned to the middle of the back of the head.

3.Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls
Vintage Curls is among one of the most glamorous bridal hairstyles for long hair. The curls bring an interesting twist to the whole bridal look. Curls, the size of fingers, are softly brushed aside with a hint of a side parting. It really brings forth a timeless look. The Kendra 25 hairspray is the key to this hairstyle. The hair should be brushable even after the application of the hairspray which is why the Kendra 25 is chosen. Hair that can hold curls are preferred for this look.

4. Half Up

Half Up
After soft curling up the hair at the back of the head and pinning them halfway up in a barrel shape, leave some behind falling down loftily. Sweep the side away from the face and leave a small puff at the back. That is the half up hair style. It is recommended to use volume on the sides and the hair that were left falling down. The usage of volume will provide a better view from the side and the front.

5. Twisted Chignon

Twisted Chignon

The twisted chignon begins with a braid that starts from the front and twisting slightly towards one side till reaches the back of the head. It ends at back of one side of the head where a low chignon is positioned. Apply Unite 7 Seconds Leave-in Conditioner before doing the twist braid. This will loosen up the hair since it is impossible to pull this off on tangled hair. Moreover, this hairstyle works best with hair that are more willing to hold together and hair with little or layers at all. The more the layers of hair, the more disruption will follow in the braid.

6. Braided Updo

Braided Updo for Long Hair

This is a timeless classic. It is a braid that starts across the top of the back and then flows elegantly sideways. It looks better if the woman has long and thick hair since the braid needs to be woven tightly. It fits almost all faces, but in case the hair is thin don’t bother going for the braided updo.

7. Side Ponytail

Side Ponytail-wedding-hairstyle

The side ponytail is the hottest trend in town for brides. It looks posh, super-complicated, yet elegant and easy to manage. The hair are first curled and then pinned. An end with curls is made on the low side of the head. Curls are supposed to be pinned and resting on top of the head. Leave the rest of the hair falling onto one side in curls. Long hair is best for this hairstyle, which is why extensions help. When it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair this is considered to be a top pick.

8. Soft Curly Updo

Soft Curly Updo

Soft Curly Updo is an excellent choice for wedding hairstyles for long hair. It is simple and easy to do, yet it looks fabulous on the head of any bride. First the hair is curled up tightly. Then they are brushed lightly to give the hair on top of the head a puffy look. The curls made at the back of the head are loosely pinned to the nape.

9. Waterfall Twist

Waterfall Twist

The waterfall twist is considered to be a hippy look, but once in a wedding every bridesmaid wants this to be her hairstyle. The hair are left open and hanging at the end in waves all around the head, but before that a braid from either side of the head ties up in the middle of the backside of the head. Waves are what bring out the elegance in this style; therefore straight haired women should probably look for some other hairstyle.

10. Vintage Updo

Vintage Updo wedding hair

There are many kinds of vintage updos, but the most common one is curl and twist. After parting the hair from one side of the head curls are made on the opposite side of the head where the parting is made. A sleek bun is made at the back of the head before bringing the curls to one side of the head. This wedding hairstyle for long hair looks best on oval and heat-shaped faces.