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How to get bigger breasts or how to increase my breast size?

It is understandable that women and especially teenagers in the USA (and elsewhere in similarly affected cultures) are very self-conscious about their breasts and many worry about their breast size. But the fact is, there is not much you can do to change your breast size - for smaller or bigger. Consider the following things that will NOT make your breasts bigger:

  • There is NO food that will make your breasts bigger.
  • Exercising in general will not help much. Breasts do not have muscles. If you tone your chest muscles that are underneath the breasts, the effect will be slight (see below for more).
  • Sleeping position has no effect on breast size.
  • Nor will wearing bras or not wearing bras.
  • Rubbing or squeezing won't affect breast size.
  • Nor do they get bigger when a woman starts having sex.
So what will affect breast size?
Toning/exercising the pectoral muscles: If you really get the muscle under the breast to grow bigger, that DOES have a slight effect on the overall appearance of your chest, and can make the breast appear a tiny bit bigger. Read the words of one female softball pitcher:
"I have been a serious softball pitcher for the past 10 years of my life and for this reason my right breast is much harder and feels more muscular than my left and is also more perky (I pitch with my right arm in a windmill motion). The difference is not incredible, but it is certainly noticeable. Also, a lot of my friends are softball players and other pitchers have the same issue." much exercise is needed for this is an open question. So it is possible to "push" your breasts out a little by building up your pectoral muscles (inclined/declined/flat pushups). Technicallly it is an illusion since the breasts don't get any bigger.
  • Mainly your genes. Look to your mom, sisters, aunts - their breast size will usually give you an indication of your final breasts size.
  • Breast growth during puberty is driven by two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Hormonal imbalances could therefore affect breast growth.
  • Breasts contain fat, so slim and thin people often (not always) have smaller breasts than overweight/obese people.
  • If you gain weight overall, some of that fat goes to your breasts. Exception: it is possible in certain situations to only gain fat in your waist area or abdomen (pot belly). But if you're overweight in general, with fat all over, then losing weight WILL cause your breasts to be somewhat smaller since you will lose fat from all over your body. Anorexic girls typically have very very small breasts.
  • An actual injury (like cutting) to the breast bud may prevent the breast from developing right.
  • Breasts WILL grow during pregnancy and stay bigger during breastfeeding. Once you start the wean, even partially, breasts will diminish in size because there is less demand for milk. After total weaning, breasts will usually go back to pre-pregnancy size (though sometimes they end up smaller than pre-pregnancy).
  • Breast augmentation surgery is the only sure way, but undermines your ability to FULLY breastfeed, and can often have SERIOUS health effects.
  • Birth control pills containing estrogen sometimes make one's breasts larger as a side effect. This does not happen to everyone taking the pill though.
  • The various herbal pills for breast enhancement, it's hard to say... They seem to be effective for some women, and often not.
  • What about taking extra estrogen? Theoretially this might work. BUT if you are a woman, taking extra estrogen on top of what your own body already produces will definitely increase your breast cancer risk, may cause nasty PMS, and other unwanted side-effects as well.The bra industry has created numerous breast enhancer things such as silicone enhancers, gel-filled bras, padded bras etc. to create the illusion of larger bust.
  • BRAVA - a vacuum bra system that is supposed to induce breast tissue growth by applying a steady vacuum pressure, but apparently does very little. The website BRAV-ARGH! (now defunct) had many failure stories by women who tried it.

What is the Perfect Breast Shape? See what Shape you have !!!!

If you’re currently in the process of growing your breasts, you’ve probably envisioned your soon-to-be bigger, fuller breasts (if you haven’t – you should, visualization is awesome) and wondered…what would be the perfect breast shape to have?
‘Cause there are a whole lot of breast shapes out there – in fact, one lingerie company (True&Co) found there are more than 6,000 breast shapes!

According to True&Co’s research, the most common type of breast type is the full and round, but only about 28% of women have it. And that means the natural breast size, not the silicone version. As a matter of fact, quite recently the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) said that the super fake looking plastic breasts that were a big hit in the 90s (thanks, Pamela Anderson) are the complete opposite of what people find attractive nowadays.

The plastic surgeons are always up to date on what makes people tick when it comes to the female body, and they did another research in which they showed naked women in order to know what passes as perfection when it comes to the breast size.
A great number of people said that they preferred a more “real” and “normal” look, instead of the silicon one. Natural breast enhancement wins – even when “just looks” are concerned.
In fact, they even went so far as to point out that the perfect breast size ratio is 45:55, which means 45% of fullness above the nipple and 55% below it. On top of all that, this ratio preference is consistent across gender, ethnic and racial groups alike, favored by 90% of men, 87% of women in their 30s and 94% of plastic surgeons, meaning that its a pretty well rounded opinion.
If you’re currently trying to achieve this look and fill out the tops of your breasts – our absolute top recommendation are breast enlargement pumps since they’re pretty much the only breast enhancement product that allows you to not just get bigger breasts, but to achieve that full, round look. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a quick briefer: they’re easy to use, highly effective and totally non-hormonal.

The way they work is stupid simple: you place the cups on your breasts and if it’s an electric breast pump like Brava or Bosom Beauty, all you have to do is turn it on. If it’s manually operated like Noogleberry, you do the pumping, which applies a gentle suction to your breast tissue, both stimulating blood flow to and putting on your breast tissue. Over time, new tissues grows and breasts fill out.
Another way of getting the girls (i.e. your breasts) in perkier, fuller form is with breast enhancement massages. Massage stimulates blood flow to the area, increasing the receptivity of your breast tissue to the hormones in your blood (i.e. estrogen). Studies have shown that breasts are actually more receptive to estrogen after massage.
Now, which massage should you start with? One of the most famous breast enlargement massage techniques is the Chi, and it is popular because, apart from the enhancement part, it also deals with acupressure, helping with the flow of chi (or the flow of energy) around your breasts.

How do breast enlargement pumps work?

Curious about breast enlargement pumps? We don’t blame you – these wonky-looking contraptions are among the safest, most effective breast enhancement methods there is. Plus, they come with the additional perk of being totally, completely non-hormone-affecting.
So if you’ve been wanting to try natural breast enhancement but don’t want to mess with your hormones – breast enlargement pumps provide a safe, side-effect-free, and effective option.
Here’s a brief overview on the most frequently asked questions about breast enlargement pumps.

How do breast enlargement pumps work?

Breast enlargement pumps operate through a process called tension-induced tissue growth. The concept is simple: By applying a gentle suction to the breast tissue, you’re essentially pulling your breasts. This stretching of the skin and tissue, when applied with even pressure and over time, stimulates new tissue growth causing your breasts to enlarge.
All breast enlargement pumps use the method of tension-induced tissue growth but the technology differs slightly from one to the other. The Brava system works by applying a gentle 3-dimensional pull to place the breasts under tension while the Noogleberry allows you to control how much pressure your apply to your breasts and for how long.
Both Brava and Noogleberry are sustained-tension systems, meaning that the suction pressure is applied to your breasts and sustained. Bosom Beauty, on the other hand, uses a sustain-and-release technology that automatically pulls and then releases your breasts throughout the entire session. Allegedly, this technique is 4 times more effective than systems that just sustained-tension methods since the motion increases blood flow and reduces the time it takes to get results.
At the same time, Bosom Beauty’s tension is pretty darn powerful and new users can find it painful. The varying technologies used by the different breast enlargement pumps and how they suit you is something you’ll want to take into consideration before you choose one

Are breast enlargement pumps safe?

There are a whole bunch of breast enlargement pumps on the market and many of them are simply not well-made. We don’t recommend these – and advise you to stay away from them – since shoddily made pumps can damage breast tissue and vessels, causing more harm than good.
As for the breast pumps we do recommend, if you use them as advised – they are perfectly safe. And by “using them as advised,” we mean not putting more tension on your breasts than is needed. This is not a risk you have to worry about with electric breast pumps like BRAVA – which is very safe and even doctor-recommended – and Bosom Beauty since the machine controls the amount of suction pressure on your breasts.
For manual, hand-operated devices like Noogleberry, however, you are in control and you need to be careful about how much suction power you’re giving your breasts.
Never pump so much that your breasts turn purple or feel like they’re going to “pop.” Aim to pump just enough so that you feel a pulling suction on your breasts and then keep that pressure constant.

How much growth can you get from using breast enlargement pumps?

It depends on the pump you’re using as well as how much you use it and how long you use it. Most of them average from between an increase of 1 to 2 cup sizes. Specifically, Brava users range between a ½ cup to 2 cup sizes of lasting growth. Bosom Beauty promises 1 to 2 cup sizes of permanent growth. And Noogleberry is also around 1 to 2 cups.
However, there is a lot of flexibility with breast enlargement pumps and that’s part of the reason we love them so much. Many users have gone beyond the 2-cup size increase with long-term use. And some users even combine one or two of the pumps to maximize gain.
Because these pumps enlarge breasts by applying constant, steady pressure – the results you get simply come down to how much and how long you use it. Again, in the end – how much growth you get from breast enlargement pumps really depends on how much time you’re willing to put in on a regular basis and for how long you’re willing to do that for.

How to Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery Part 2

 read these useful tips ! don't forget to reach part 1 !

 #1. Volufiline Cream

As far as topicals go, the cream with the best plumping effect is something containing Volufiline. These creams are perfect whether you’re on pueraria mirifica, herbs, or even bovine ovary because it’s a totally non-hormonal ingredient.
It has nothing to do with estrogen or progestin in causing breast plumping – it’s made up of a combination of a plant extract called sarsasapogenin and hydrogenated polyisobutene, which work together on fat cells located on your breasts and trigger them to start reproducing. When applied topically, Volufiline enlarges that particular part of your body by stimulating fat production in that area.

#2. Breast Tape

Yea, you read that right. There’s breast tap to lift your boobs up – and it’s not as crazy it sounds.

 #3. Mastoplexy

Masto…whaaaa? So, we never recommend anything surgical on this site – it is all about natural breast enhancement, after all – but this little technique is quite minor and it’s pretty. Plus if you’re looking for something quite permanent and effortless – mastoplexy is not a bad option.
Created by Dr. Roger Khouri, this procedure is a natural breast lift that uses the woman’s own fat and tissues, lifting them by use of an internal bra design specifically for this procedure. There are no scars to this special minor surgery and the recovery time is as quick as a maximum of 4 days tops!
So there you have it – a lot of options for all of us who can use a lift. If you are looking for a quick lift, a long time effort for long time payoff or a short time try, you certainly have your pick of things to try.
Good luck and happy lifting!

How to Lift Your Breasts Without Surgery Part1

Time can be fickle friend. Sure, we learn more and grow a little more…thick skinned, experienced and world savvy, but time also causes the descending of our beloved breasts – both small and big.
The good thing is, we live in an age when anything is possible, and there are many advances in the science of breast lifting that doesn’t necessarily involve plastic surgery.
Take a look at some options we have to help give our breasts a lift in a relatively short time!

#1. Use a Breast Enlargement Pump

If you want a long-term solution to perk up your breasts, the best option is breast enlargement pumps. They work like this: Most of them are composed of two domes to fit over your breasts and either a pump or a machine that acts to “suction” your breasts. The pump or machine works to enlarge breasts using tension induced tissue growth which applies a gentle suction to the breast tissue to cause a stretching of the skin and tissue. As a direct result of this stretching, new tissue growth is stimulated, enlarging breast size.
It’s a totally non-hormonal, highly-effective and relatively affordable option (give you go with Bosom Beauty or Noogleberry – Brava is much more expensive). For all of them, the cups will fit you current breast size and you’ll only need to buy another set of cups once your breast starts to grow and lift (which is a great feeling, btw!).
The increased blood flow to your breasts caused by the pumping is also great because it allows natural hormones and estrogens from your breast enhancement pills to reach the breast tissue more effectively while at the same time, the pressure exerted on your breast tissues encourages new tissue growth over time, helping to plump up your breasts.
You’ll start seeing these effects immediately (but those will be temporary swelling) and you’ll start seeing more permanent results in a few weeks’ time – breast enhancement pills are great for enlargement but nothing beats breast enlargement pumps for plumping and firming.

#2.Breast Lifting Exercises

Another easy, natural quick-fire way of lifting your breasts is exercising. Note that your breasts are not made up of muscles so exercising alone can not make them bigger, BUT exercising can definitely build up the muscles underneath your breasts, helping to lift and tone.
There are a few different exercises you can do in the privacy of your own home that can help you achieve a level of lift to suit your needs.
There are the classic pushups, which you can do by yourself or with the use of a medicine ball, the chest pass, in which you also use a medicine ball, lie on the floor and through the ball in the air, then try to catch it without moving anything but your arms.
If you have weights at home (if you don’t now is a good time to go out and get a pair!), try doing a single arm chest press, in which you use a swiss ball. Lie with your back on the ball, raising your hips so that your body will form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Press the weights straight up and then lower it back down to your chest.

#3. Breast Enhancement Massages

Massaging your breasts is always good idea – it stimulates breast growth by promoting blood flow to your breasts, which allows natural hormones and estrogens from the diet to reach the breast tissue more effectively. It’s believed that the receptors in breast tissue will respond better to estrogen after massage.
And of course, you can always work your breast enhancement creams into the massage so you’re getting both benefits at the same time. There are several different massage techniques 

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Arabian Princess Silver Eye Makeup Tutorial

 Arabian Princess Silver Eye Makeup Tutorial


Cruella De Vil Inspired Makeup

This is probably one of the villains that scares puppies more than it scares children. Reading the book or watching the movie as a child you were probably baffled by that crazy woman. So why not dress like her, especially if there is an occasion. Even though Halloween is almost a year away you can try this makeup on a birthday party, a mask ball, or even at the office. It is a very light makeup but still devilish so you may cause some extra fear in your colleagues or bosses, just so they don’t bother you this day.

You can use the special palette for this look, as there are the precise shades but if you don’t have them you still can do pretty well. Here is how to do it in just 8 steps.
Step 1
Begin with creating a base. Apply some eyelid primer all over your lids so the effect of the makeup lasts longer.
Step 2
Using an eyeshadow brush apply very light eyeshadow color, it may be white or very light beige, close to nude color, in the corners of your eyes, both the inner and outer corner, and the brow bone, so you can highlight your look.
Step 3
Now use a bronze shade, maybe “puppy love” (isn’t it ironic how this shade it called given the fact what kind of makeup it is part of). Apply it all over the lid. If there are any harsh lines, make sure you blend them. Apply the same shade on your lower lashline for a more smoldering look.
Step 4
For this step there is a very interesting technique you do not try every day. Use a dark brown shade, it should be darker than the bronze one you have already applied. Now turn your brush diagonal and define the outer part of your eye that has a V-shape.
Get a brightening eyeliner pencil in the color graphite and apply it on your upper lashline to create a dramatic effect.
Step 6
Apply mascara on your upper lashes and curl them up. If you want you can put false lashes as well.
Step 7
Apply your favourite lip color all over your lips and it will be better if it is in the same tones as the colors for your eye makeup.
Step 8
Now devilish look is complete. Do not forget to have fun and maybe scare someone you don’t like. Just sayin’.


Amazing Wedding Dresses that Every one must see them !!!

Check this collection of Wedding Dresses

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How to remove blackheads !! blackheads treatment!

Although they are not really a serious health concern, Blackheads are a cosmetic issue that most women simply can’t ignore. This can lead one to feel emotional distress, especially for those who are so much concerned about their looks. Many women suffer from this skin condition but do not know what to do about it. If you are one of the many people suffering from blackheads, you need to know what they are, the causes and best ways to get rid of them.

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads are also known as comedones. They are a type of acne, which appear as small dark dots in skin pores. These grayish dots can appear on different places on the face, such as the cheeks, forehead and temples. The severity of the condition will vary from one person to another, with some people only having a handful of blackheads, while others may develop numerous clusters. The main causes of this skin condition are several.

Causes of Blackheads

Unlike what many people believe, the dark pigmentation that is characteristic of blackheads does not result from dirt being trapped in skin pores. This is often due to too much oil on the skin. When these fatty layers oxidize, they turn dark, which explains the black appearance in the skin pores. Dead cells, bacterial and sebum may also block skin pores and lead to formation of blackheads.
Besides these causes, blackheads may develop because of the following reasons.
  • Hormonal changes, especially in adolescents, usually increases oil production in dermal cells.
  • Using some skin products that contain too much oil can block skin pores and contribute to blackheads.
  • This can also be caused by your surroundings, especially if you are exposed to pollution and high humidity.
How to Treat Blackheads

Since blackheads blemish your overall look, it is important to know how to treat them. Sometimes they may take time to clear out since the contents are slow to drain to the skin surface. To begin the process of getting rid of these dark spots on the skin or face, start by determining what the cause is. If you are using any skin care products, get advice from your dermatologist and know whether they are safe to use or not. As explained earlier, some lotions and creams contain too much oil, which can block out skin pores and lead to blackheads. Avoid using such products as much as possible.
Blackheads often appear like dark raised structures on the skin. Never try to force out the contents on these structures. This will only lead to more damage to the skin and can even result in scars. Wash your face daily with mild organic soap and rinse with clear water. This will help to control the level of oils on the affected area. In addition, drink plenty of water, as this helps to flush out toxins from the skin. There are also many tropically applied creams meant for treating blackheads. Before using these products, it is prudent to get advice from your dermatologist.

Makeup Tutorial: Dark Grey Smokey Eye

The classic smokey eye is created with black and grey, but although nowadays you can create the smokey with all different dark shaded colours, one thing is for sure, most of us love the classic style and that’s why I decided to bring for you all a beautiful classic smokey eye tutorial to inspire you create the same style in only a few minutes.

How to do it? The picture tutorial below is super easy to follow but I will also write some instructions to make it even easier.

Note: all the eyeshadow colours used for this tutorials are matte.

-Start by applying white eyeshadow all over your eyelid and gently blend it with your finger or a clean brush. Add some dark grey or black by the end of your eyelid and then some medium grey eyeshadow in the mid of your eyelid.

-Blend the colours well with each other to create a smooth look.

-Apply a black winged eyeliner such as indicated in the tutorial below.

-Add black pencil on your lower lashes, mascara and you are done! Very easy, and super gorgeous. Apply your makeup like a pro with this easy tutorial. If you looking for other colours and makeup styles, feel free to search my recent articles.

10 beauty Tips That Nobody Told You About PART 1

We all know how important is care for hair, face and body. Below you can see how to care for your skin with orange juice, water of roses, honey and milk and and many such similar ways. Although today there are many products in beauty care market, there are some natural methods used for years and tested them even our grandmothers. Many products contain various chemicals, they are expensive and often do not give the effect that promise, so more and more girls and women decide to use natural products that they will make in the kitchen. The natural ingredients are the best friends of beauty. Their use will help to overcome the shortcomings of the skin facing each of us. Follow our simple tips and forget about expensive cosmetics and treatments. Enjoy.

1.Yarrow extract for stretch marks

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

2.Tea tree oil for dandruff

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

3.Oatmeal to heal a sunburn

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

4.Avocado for shiny hair

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

5.Shrink your pores with orange juice

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

6.Crushed red grapes and flour for glowing skin

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

7.Garlic for stronger nails

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

8.Rose water as a facial cleanser

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

9.Get rid of nail stains the easy way

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

10.Olive oil for healthy skin

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

10 beauty Tips That Nobody Told You About PART 2

1.Rosemary for healthy hair

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

2.Potato slices to get rid of dark circles under your eyes

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

3.Olive oil and vitamin A for stronger nails

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

4.Rice water as a facial rinse

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

5.Coconut oil for smooth, shiny, healthy hair

6.A sake bath for glowing skin

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

7.Coconut oil to tame humidity-induced frizz

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

8. Bathe in milk and honey

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

9.Curl your eyelashes with a spoon

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

10.Oatmeal facial mask

20 Little  Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know