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Colorful Eye Makeup

It doesn’t matter that it’s cold out there. It doesn’t matter that your mood is blue and grumpy. You can fix these feelings with a beautiful makeup. Admit it, sometimes when you go to a party, you don’t feel like going on that party at all, but when the time for the makeup and the hairstyle comes, the joyful mood comes back and you are all about rocking that club.
So, let’s use the same trick now. When the weather is rainy and dark, you can boost up your mood with a beautiful makeup design. This makeup design si gentle and soft, the colors are pastel and light. It is perfect for small sized eyes. Let’s follow the steps together:
  1. Every makeup design needs to be prepared with a primer. The primer creates a stable base for the eyeshadows, which holds them on the lids all day long. The primer is responsible for the long-lasting effect of the makeup.
  2. Once the lids are prepared, you should begin the application of the colors. Start with a purple pastel color at the inner corner of the eye. Apply it with round, flat brush.
  3. Then, cover the middle of the lid with soft peach color.
  4. Create a V shape at the outer corner of the lid with pastel green color.
  5. So, the colors are applied, but they are not shaped. You have to merge the colors together, but first dip the tip of the blending brush into a white-pink shimmer. This will create a nice gradient effect between the colors.
  6. Highlight the inner corner of the eye with the same white-pink eyeshadow.
  7. Finish the look with a coat of mascara.
I think that it’s extremely important to stay colorful at every time of the year if you like the colors. You shouldn’t compromise with dull colors if you don’t like them.
colorful makeup

OMG – Unbelievable 50 Ways to Use Vaseline In Under 2 Minutes!

After we shared our surreptitious beauty must have for girls on the go – 
we hear you wanted additional uses for petroleum jelly! See Zelana give 50 speedy tips and tricks to attempt at home or anyplace you need a fast and simple beauty fix. This is really unbelievable – so, just have a look at this miracle tip below. Hope you like it.

How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow According to Your Eye Colour

 How to Choose the Best Eyeshadow According to Your Eye Colour



best eyeshadow  
Brown eyes look best with dark shades and earthy tones. Choose brown and gold shades to accentuate them. Avoid pastel colours as they dull out the brown and bring out the white in your eyes. If you’re ready to kick it up a notch, try working with purple and navy!


best eyeshadow 
 If you refer back to the colour wheel, red tones compliments green very well! You can choose shades with reddish undertones like garnet, purples and bronze. Make sure you add some black as well, like a black line on your upper lid so that you wouldn’t look tired.


best eyeshadow 
 With dark brown eyes (almost black), you can choose any colour you like! You can also play with heavy colours to make your eyes look very intense. Choose dark browns, purples, navy and gold!


best eyeshadow  
In order to bring out the blue in your eyes, you need to apply contrasting colours like copper and gold. They’ll catch the glint in the iris, but won’t dull the blue. Stay away from heavy dark colours like black because they will cause too much contrast and divert the attention from your blue eyes.


best eyeshadow  
Hazel eyes are a bit tricky as they’re a mix of both green and brown. Emerald green and gold will bring out the green tones of your hazel eyes, and warm neutral brown will enhance their richness. You can add a touch of gold to your inner corner to kick up the radiance.

Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands !!!

Top 10 Worst Beauty Products and Makeup Brands !!!



Worst Beauty Products The makeup fusion of Giorgio is the worst I have ever seen. It is highly pigmented and is not at all skin-friendly. This makes your skin oily and cannot be gone with in the summers. The females with oily and rough skin should not think of buying this makeup fusion.


Worst Beauty Products Don’t go with its name, thinking that the lipgloss will be marvelous. It is actually not true. BareEscentuals has failed to make its moxie lipgloss an ideal choice. It is very oily and has lavender oil, giving your lips the odd and poor look.

8. Maybelline’s Dream Nud-e Air-foam Foundations:

Worst Beauty Products The makeup foundations of Maybelline have failed to dominate the hearts of the females. These are made with good quality materials, no doubt, but still are not effective enough to captivate our attention. The nud-e air-foam foundations contain too much water contents, making you feel trouble during the makeup.

7. Cover Girl:

Worst Beauty Products The Cover Girl is an American cosmetic company. Its makeup products are being sold all over the world. But to tell you honestly, this makeup brand is not good at all. Most of its products are cheap quality and can harm your skin. The foundation, nail paints and lip-gloss are especially good for nothing.

6. Avon:

Worst Beauty Products Avon is one of the biggest cosmetic brands in the world. But for a year or two, its mascaras, foundation and lipsticks have failed to win our hearts. The reason is said to be the low quality ingredients and chemicals used in their preparation. This is why, you should avoid this brand.

5. Diorskin’s Skin-Glowing Makeup:

Worst Beauty Products The name says it is a skin-glowing makeup but it is actually not. The foundation is extremely hyped, containing too much oil. Also its eye-shades are very irritating and have not been presented in good shades. So you are better to stay away from this collection.

4. M.A.C. Matchmaster Foundation:

Worst Beauty Products It is yet another irritating foundation. The first thing is its packs never look fresh, the second is it is costly. And last but not the least it is not good for your skin. The foundation is too irritating when you are to remove it at the night, it doesn’t leave your skin easily even when you have scrubbed a lot.

3. Origins’ Plantscription Anti-Aging Skin Products:

Worst Beauty Products The skincare products presented by Origins are not a good choice. These include lotions, skin moisturizers, whitening creams and foundation. Whatever you choose, make sure it is not of this company if you want to have healthy and glowing looking skin.

2. DuWop’s Dark Circle Moisturizer:

Worst Beauty Products DuWop’s dark circle moisturizer shouldn’t be used at all. It will ruin the natural shine and texture of your skin. It will leave a bizarre impact and make you feel trouble. So don’t go for it even when you are being offered this moisturizer at cheap price.

1. Shiseido’s Perfect Mascara Full Definition:

Worst Beauty Products This mascara is priced about $25, but is not good enough. It can irritate your eyes and is loaded with flaky lashes. So be very careful and make sure while buying mascara, it is not of Shiseido to keep your eyes look gorgeous.


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Best Liquid & Cat Eye-liner Styles !!

We have been presenting before you fashionable stuff to accommodate you so that you can keep pace with trends and do not feel that people are going farther from you in fashion. Stay hooked for styles and trends we maybe showcasing in the coming weeks.
Today I am unfolding best liquid cat eye-liner styles, trends and ideas of 2014 for girls. You need to have the basic know-how about eye-liner, go and grab it & start practicing it on yourself to get a proper skill. Remember nobody comes out as perfect in one go, you need to have patience and keep on trying until the best results come forward. Have a look at the awesome collection .

Graphic Eyeliner


Perfect Cat Eyeliner Make-Up Look


Black Eyeliner


Creative Eyeliner


 let us know how much the post helped you out?

5 Ways to Keep Your Eye Makeup From Getting Effed Up

 No more smudgy shadow.


1. Don't apply facial oils or moisturizers that aren't oil-free over your eyelids. Your eyelids get oily on their own, says Sir John, L'Oréal's newest addition to its makeup artist roster. If you add more oil and moisture to your eyelids, your eye makeup will certainly slip off before you're ready for it to.
If you want to use an eye cream and have makeup that doesn't crease, use the cream before you go to bed. Make sure to wash it off in the morning so you start with a clean eyelid slate.
2. Don't prime your eyelids with concealer or foundation. "This is the biggest misconception when it comes to makeup," Sir John says. "While it might provide grip momentarily, both formulas usually contain oils that cause your eye makeup to move around on your eye, which is what you're trying to avoid."

This Is the Sexiest, Smokiest Eyeliner You'll Ever Wear

Looking for a way to spice up date night — well, makeup-wise? 
You've come to the right place. Makeup artist Kristen Gallegos shows you below how you can trade in your usual smoky eye for something subtle yet sexy that still screams smoke show.
1. Line the inner rim of your lower lash line with black liner. After you apply foundation and blush, emphasize your lower lash line by running a long-lasting black liner over it. Model Clair Westenberg used Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil in "Black."
2. Trace directly under your lower lashes with charcoal liner. Create a winged effect by extending the liner up toward the tail of your brow. Clair used Revlon PhotoReady Kajal Matte Eye Pencil in "Matte Coal."
3. Emphasize your lower lash line and add drama to your winged liner. Add black eye shadow over the charcoal liner with a flat-tip brush. Clair used the black shadow in Revlon ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow in "Free Spirit."
4. Swipe on mascara. Coat your top and bottom lashes. Clair used Revlon Bold Lacquer Length + Volume Mascara in "Blackest Black."

The Most Popular Cat Eye Tutorial !

This is The Most Popular Cat Eye Tutorial  ! 

Just follow these steps carefully

Hope you like it ! enjooy !

The Best Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster And Thicker

Hair is very important to a woman, because it is something that is a symbol of her sexuality and femininity. Even in ancient times the beautiful goddess were drawn with long hair, blown by the wind. Whatever we say women want to have long and thick hair nowadays, even if times and fashion trends have changed a lot. A lot of women avoid going to the saloon to get a haircut, because they are afraid that too much is going to be cut of it.
Another reason why women love long hair so much is because men love women with long hair. Statistics shows this all the time. Well, we do not touch upon the reasons why men prefer women with long hair, but it is again another reason that make women dread the scissors of their hairdresser so much.
Fear no more, fair ladies! Even if you have to cut an inch or two of hair so that you get rid of the split ends, you can also stimulate the growth of your hair just by learning these tricks. They all are natural so you will not have to worry about your hair becoming weaker and dry. On the contrary, these techniques will improve the strength of your hair and will make it thicker. So, here they are:
Almond Oil and Coconut Oil
You can find a lot of natural products that will stimulate the growth of your hair. And how do they do it? Just make the hair follicles stronger by nourishing them from within. And that is exactly what these two oils will do to your hair if you start applying them regularly. It does not matter whether you choose to use almond or coconut oil – they both will have a great effect on your hair. They will nourish it from within.
A bottle of one of these oils will be enough to help with the growth of your hair for a couple of months, even if you use them regularly. Here is what to do: you will need 6 drops of one of the oils, or if you want you can combine them to have even better results. Apply them on your scalp and start massaging your head using your palms. Remember that you should use your palms and not your fingers to stimulate the roots of the hairs and to increase the blood flow in your scalp, which will again stimulate the hair growth.
Once you are tired of massaging your hair, but try this to be at least 5 minutes after you have started, wrap your hair in a towel and leave it like this for about 30 to 60 minutes. Then wash your hair. And you are ready.
The next method is not that popular as the first one, but it is still very effective. And you may even do not have to buy any special products for this hair growth therapy if you have some extra gelatin in your kitchen. Who could have though that hair could grow faster and stronger with the help of gelatin? You are probably familiar with this ingredient that cooks put in cakes or other sweets, to keep them the shape you want. Well, applying gelatin on your hair will have the same effect – it will make your hair thicker.
You will need one package of gelatin, do not use these ones that have flavors, an unflavored one is the best choice for your hair. Mix it with your shampoo, preferable one for normal hair, but if it is another type it is still not a problem. So, every time you wash your hair, it will be getting some of this gelatin during every hair wash. Gelatin will make your hair thicker and stronger, because it contains protein – one of the main ingredients your hair needs to be naturally healthy.
Even children know that vitamins are important for their health. In the winter they should east as much vitamin C as they can so that, the bad flues and colds fail to catch them. We rarely think that vitamins could also have beautifying effects except from healing ones, but wise people say that health is beauty.
The vitamins that will nourish your hair and will make it stronger arevitamins C and E. You just have to include the products which contain these two vitamins in your diet and you will be fine. So, next time you go to the grocery store, fill your shopping chart with tomatoes, broccoli, citrus fruits, and peppers. They contain vitamin C. And as for the vitamin E, you will need to buy tofu, nuts (no matter which ones), spinach, fish, and avocados. You can search for some extra information about these products and you will find that they will improve your overall health. Beauty and health combined!

What Your Lips Say About Your Personality

There are a lot of parts in our body that can reveal a thing or two about our personalities. And if you read them carefully, you will find that a lot of the things are true for you. Whether a person has blue, or green eyes, whether their fingers are long of short, or if they have a mole on their face and which part of it it takes, reveal a lot about your personality, even some things that you did not pay attention to. Well, now you are going to find something else about your personality just by looking at a certain part of your face. We are talking about your lips. Now you are about to find out what the protrusion of your lips says about you.
The first thing you need to do is look at your lips. Study them well if you have missed to do it before. And what you should pay attention to is its protrusion. Finding out if you upper lip is bigger than your lower one, or if the lower one is more protruding, will tell whether you are more naive or if you are more serious, whether you prefer to stay low or to be the center of attention. Here is what your lip protrusion says about your personality and tell us if this is true.
If your upper lip is more protruding…
Standing in front of a mirror, looking at your profile will be the easiest way to find out which of your lips is more protruding. Of course, you can ask a family member of a friend for help. But this works only for natural lips, if you have silicon in your upper lip, which will make it bigger, it will not be realistic. So, if it is more or less obvious that your upper lip sticks out, then it shows that you are straightforward and honest. You hate being lied to, that is why you do not do this to people you care about, but you also do not expect that somebody may tell you a lie. That is why you are also a bit naive, you believe in everything you are told.
A lot of people may think that you are stupid because of this, but they will be blind to what your brain is capable of. A lot of people like you because of your good heart. You are always there for your friends and the people in need. You enjoy life, and you may live like every day may be your last. There is nothing you regret about, even the mistakes you made, because you know that these are lessons life teaches you, and you have to go through it to become a better person. A lot of people envy your smile that is always on your face. But you also attract many positive people, and that is why you have a lot of friends.
If your lower lip is more protruding…
If your lower lip is obviously bigger than your upper one when looking at your profile, then you are part of the observant group. You are very quite sometimes and you prefer to study the reactions and thought of the people around you. You are a perfect mind-reader. You are able to guess that a person is about to do, only by looking at their reactions. The only thing that you have to do is study them for some time. You mind is extremely sharp, that is why you will be very good at working with people, especially a job that involves talking and persuasion, like a business manager.
You are also a great writer. You are able to speak clearly and eloquently. People just stand still when you are talking. That is why you can turn to writing. Your words will reach a lot of people around the world, especially if there are some meaningful things to tell them. You are also very good at remembering situations, for this is responsible your observant memory.
You could sometimes be a little lonely. You prefer to surround yourselves with facts, books, experiences, rather than with people. Try to be a bit more positive sometimes and to let go, because not everything in this world is a conspiracy. Life is made to be fun sometimes, even for thinkers. You need to learn how to turn off your thinking button and you will enjoy the little things in life.

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How To Create a Perfect Cat Eye Every Single Time

 Can't quite master the art of creating a cat eye?

1. Wing it out. "Using a high-quality eyeliner brush, dip the tip into a black gel eyeliner pot and start creating the tail of what will be the wing of your liner," says Cosenza. "Begin at the outer corner of your eye, angling the brush toward your temple (not the tail of your brow) for a more everyday (versus night) kind of look." Charlotte used Make Up For Ever Aqua Creamliner.
2. Create dashes and connect the dots. "Run the same gel liner along your top lash line — starting from a quarter of the way in from the inner corner of your eye (where your lashes begin) — using dashed guidelines," she says. "Then, connect the dots to help you draw a smooth, straight line."
3. Draw a tiny, elongated triangle off of the tail you created in step one. "Using your eyeliner brush, make a diagonal line that comes off of the winged liner you drew in step one and connect it to the liner you just traced along your upper lash line," says Cosenza.
4. Fill in the triangle shape that connects the winged liner to the upper lash line. And make it look fluid by thickening the liner along your upper lash line with a felt-tip liquid liner, likeL'Oréal Lineur Intense Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner.
5. Clean up any imperfections. And sharpen lines (if yours were wobbly) with a makeup remover pen.