Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY Easy Curls

Here’s a great and really simple way to get lush, bouncy locks!
All you need are some clips or bobby pins and your ready to go!

easy curls

1. Begin by washing your hair! Dont dry with a hairdryer! Towel dry to take most of the water out so your hair is damp – comb the hair

2. Now take a section of hair (approx 2cm wide)

3. Twist this section of the hair and hold in place with a clip

4. Take the next section of hair and repeat

5. Repeat the step until all the hair is twisted and clipped

6. Sleep with the clips in over night

7. In the morning, take out the clips

8. Run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls

9. Your ready!

Lovely Makeup for Special Occasions

Finding the right eye makeup for prom, wedding or an elegant party can be really hard! You do not have to spend a fortune to go to a makeup artist. You can achieve a great result by yourself on your big day! And since eyebrows and eyes are the most important facial features, our focus will be primarily on them.


Step 1: 

Using a nude pink or white eyebrow pencil, carefully create visible strokes under and above the eyebrow arches. Gently blend the lines you just created into the skin with your fingers to look more natural.

Step 2: 

Use very light cream concealer to highlight the area above your eyebrow arches. Blend again the light cream into your skin.

Step 3: 

Apply white eyeliner beneath your eye. Use black pencil to create another line beneath it.

Step 4: 

 Contour the eye with the white pencil for more dramatic and sexier look. Set your makeup with powder.
Apply blush after you have put on the rest of your makeup. Now you can finish your lovely makeup with lipstick. Enjoy your special day!


Victoria’s Secret Eye Makeup – TUTORIAL

Every woman either admire or envy the Victoria`s Secret angels, because they do look gorgeous. Although not anyone can have such a perfect body and a beautiful face, their makeup is not so-difficult to get. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the shades and colours and look like a real angel.


Apply a nude shade of eye shadow or powder onto the lids. This will work as a base for the make up – the colours will look brighter and last for longer. then use a black eyeliner and draw a thin line on the upper eye lid.
Use brown eye shadow  and cover the full eye lid. Keep in mind that the shade should be most intense near the eye lashes and then lighter upwards.
Use a shade a little bit darker than your complexion and cover the area below the eye brows. Slightly cover the eyelid, too.
Use a thin brush to apply brown eye shadow below the lower eyelashes.
To make the perfect finish apply golden eye shadow. Apply a large amount of eye shadow near the nose and less on the sides – create a fading effect.


When you are ready draw a thin black line onto the upper eye lid, apply mascara and enjoy your sparkling look.

DIY Feather Nails

The moment I saw this nail tutorial I fell in love with it and knew I had to share it with you! This original nail idea requires only top coat, scissors and, of course, feathers that you can find in your local crafts store.


The first thing you need to do is to paint your nails the color you want (you can make a gradient effect like the one in the picture using a sponge).
Wait for it to dry and lay the feather on the nail to see if it fits, then apply top coat to “glue” it to the nail. Push the feather gently to the nail so it can stick properly.
Wait for it to dry and cut all of the excessive parts of the feather with the scissors. If you think it’s not secure enough, apply a second coat of top coat and let it dry completely.

Your feather nails are done and you can go and show them off to all of your friends!

The Easiest Eyeliner Trick

Even girls, who don`t use makeup very frequently like lining their eyes even a little bit. There are so many ways to line an eye that we often get confused which one to choose. They say it should be compliant with the eye shape, other say it depends on their color and thirds say … well, just try and check which one suit you best. 

In this tutorial we`ll show you a very nice and easy eye lining trick, with a smudge. It is not difficult and does not require too much time – you only need black liquid liner, brown liner and a brush to smudge for a smokey eye effect. 

Here is what you need to do: 

1. Draw a cat eye using black liquid liner
2. Follow with brown liner, then smudge for smokey effect. Done


7 Tricks and Art Tips for Making Gorgeous Nail Designs

Amazing nail designs are a perfect addition to every outfit, however if you cannot afford going to the salon every other time, you should know there is a way to get such lovely designs at home. There are many tips and tricks available and we have gathered together 7 of them, which will reveal your artistic side. You will be amazed, by how beautiful your nails are, when you apply your own design.

1. Plastic Bag Trick

You cannot paint both hands with the same skill level, that’s why you can use a plastic bag. simply draw the design on it and then press it right onto your nail, add some top coat and you are ready to boast perfect manicure.

2. The Distressed Look

If you want perfect “marble” looking nails, put a base colour and wait for it to dry. Then apply a darker colour and crumple a piece of plastic wrap and just blot the top of your nail once or twice.

3. French Manicure Cheat

You can use ordinary whole protector stickers, instead of buying the expensive French manicure stickers.

4. Polka Dots

You can make those dots with a straight pin pushed into the pencil eraser. Dip the rounded end into the polish and voila – perfect polka dots.

5. The Faded Nail

It is very interesting design, made with the help of a sponge. Your nail should be darker at the top and fading to a lighter colour throughout the nail. You can achieve that if you use a toothpick to merge the edges together and put a sponge over it, by pressing it into your nail.

6.Scotch Tape Miracles

All you need is a scotch tape and imagination. Cut the scotch into the shapes you want and stick them to the already painted nails. Then apply another colour on top and peel the tape back.

7. Rhinestones into the nails

With the help of a wax pencil, you will be able to put rhinestones on your nails. Press the tip on the rhinestone and then press it to your nail – it is just that easy.

The Magic of Face Contouring

In this quick tutorial, we`ll show you one more example of how proper face contouring does wonders.

magic of contouring

As you can see the model on the first picture has too many skin imperfections, including dark pigmentation and spots. However on the last picture you see a stunning young woman. And all of this achieved by applying a proper face contouring technique, using high quality makeup.

Of course, as we said numerous times, the way you should contour your face depends mainly on your face shape. In this tutorial, you`ll see the basic idea of contouring, showing you in which areas you need to apply light shades and which areas require darker shades.
When you contour your face, it is also vital to blend the tones properly, as shown on the picture. For this purpose, you need to use a good makeup brush. Put some efforts with your eyes and lips and apply blush onto the cheeks – now you look just perfect!

magic of contouring

In our gallery you can get some lovely ideas for great eye and lip make up – check them out!

DIY- Smokey Eyes With Pencil

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create smokey eyes just with pencil.
It looks beautiful and it’s very easy and simple .

diy smokey eyes pencil 
You just need one of this classic kohl pencils.
First line your upper lashline as shown below . From the inner corner to the outer.
Than make another line above that one . Take your blending brush and blend it well or you can use finger .
After that make a line to the lower lashline with the same pencil .
Smudge the line back and forth with a brush using short strokes to really work it into the lashline .
Than go back over the upper lashline and draw a line from the inner to the outer corner . At the end apply your favorite mascara .

How to get perfect eyebrows

f you want to have a beautiful, natural look to your eyebrows try the steps that i write you. I hope that you like it and you'll use them every day, as I do :)
The key to having great eyebrows is to work with what you naturally have.
That means following your basic shape and natural arch. 
Do not forget, fashion and trends brow change but 'natural and groomed eyebrows are always in fashion.


1. Use brow pencil to draw a defined line under your eyebrow.

2. Do the same for the top of your brow.  Focus on defining the rear end of your brow.

3. With Shadow Eyebrow fill the space between the two lines. Start at the inner corner and finished on the outside. If your hair is dark, use a dark shadow eyebrow, if your hair is light use a light shade. It is best to mix light and dark color, you get the one that match you.

4. Finish with a Clear Gel. He holds the eyebrow hairs in place and prevents it are moved. If you do not plan to stay long in night do not have to put gel, and without him eyebrows can stand for hours.

That's it, you're ready for a long night out. See how your face looks nicer with a beautifully tidy eyebrows.

There are a few things you should not do when it comes to eyebrows.
Pay attention to this:
  1. Do not make sharp corners!
  2. Do not extend the ends too much!
  3. Do not put too much shadow on brows!
  4. NEVER EVER fill in your brows with black pencil!!!

Match the shape of the eyebrows with the shape of your face!

Eyebrows give your face a much nicer appearance. If they are not appropriate for your face shape they will make the face look disproportionate and not so nice. If your eyebrows are uneven and wrong for your face shape, you will not look natural and feminine. If you do not know what kind of eyebrows fit your face use these tips. 

Eyebrows for elongated and square face

For this face shape to avoid high arched brows. Best suited to moderately thick eyebrows (not too thin or too thick), with a slight bow that looks natural, they equate the whole face. Strictly avoid round-arched brows. 

Eyebrows for a round face

For this face shape it is the ideal middle or slightly higher arch, thinner width, because visually makes the face thinner. But you may not end up on the thin line, do not go overboard. The biggest mistake is to make the round arch eyebrows,  terrible stand this face shape. 

Eyebrows for an oval face

For this face shape perfectly matches the high arc. Slim, high arch will make everyone look at you. Be careful not to be too high arch. 

Eyebrows for  heart-shaped face

This face shape correspond eyebrows with round arches, not too high, and with a little thinner ends. Strictly avoid high arched and straight eyebrows because it can make you look weird.

I hope my tips will be helpful, use them to have perfect eyebrows.

Let's be perfect every day :)

Highlight and contour like a pro

Do you ever wonder how celebrities look perfect at all times?

If you want, you can look like one of them.

The secret is in contouring and highlighting.
For every face shape, there are special steps.
What is your face shape?  Let's see :)

Round face:

Contour: Sides of jaw, forehead and neck
Highlight: Centre of cheeks, centre of nose, forehead and chin
Blush: Just under the cheekbones 

Long face:

Contour: Forehead by hairline, lower cheeks and chin
Highlight: Above cheekbones and forehead
Blush: On the cheekbones

Square face:

Contour: Forehead and sides of jaw
Highlight: Centre of cheeks, centre of nose and chin
Blush: On the sides of cheekbones

Heart face:

Contour: Chin and forehead
Highlight: Lower cheeks on jawline
Blush: On the cheekbones

For highlight: Use a foundation 2 shades lighter than your skin tone.  You can use cream, liquid or powder.
For contouring:  Use a low or non-shimmer bronzer. Set with powder.

Tools you need: 
Angled blush brush – Good for contour.
Fan brush – Works well for powder highlighters.
Fingers – Best for cream or liquid highlighters. 

DIY Longer Lashes !

Did you know that there are actually tricks to make your eye lashes look longer without the usage of a mascara?

目 まつげ

Yes, yes, there are. It will sound strange to you at first, but vaseline in jars is one of the tricks. The same vaselines that are used for dried or burnt skin. No need to give your money for lash serums, which are probably not going to work anyway. Simply go to the closest drugstore and buy a jar of vaseline, if you don’t already own one.

Every day before you go to bed take a cotton bud or a small brush, dip it in the jar and afterwards apply on your lashes from the roots. Remember, this is not a serum, it simply moisturizes and gives them more strenght. Strong and voluminous lashes makes them look longer, it’s actually an optical illusion, and they are simply more beautiful now.
Apply the product at least 1 month, knowing that 3 months is advisable. Be carereful with your eyes, be patiente and just wait for it to start being effective. You can see the difference in just a week after you start using it regulary!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

DIY Beauty: Overnight Acne Treatment

What you will need:

Tea Tree Oil
Small Bowl
Small Bottle with Screw Top (I used an airplane travel-size bottle from the dollar store)  
Dropper (optional) 
Cotton Swab (For applying) 

DIY Beauty: Overnight Acne Treatment

Pro Tip: In place of tea tree oil, you can use witch hazel which also contains antibacterial properties, but isn’t as powerful and you won’t need to dilute it.

Step 1: 

Pour calamine into bottle, about 1/3 of the way and leave to the side to settle. I just free poured but you could also use a dropper.

Step 2 + 3: 

 In the small bowl, combine your tree tea oil and water (this makes sure the tea tree oil isn’t too powerful). Your solution should be 2 parts tea tree oil, 1 part water. You’ll need enough to fill the rest of the bottle.

Step 4: 

 Once the calamine has settled, pour or use a dropper to add the oil-water solution to the calamine. I pulled a second grade move and used a straw to do the same job as a dropper. The liquids may mix, which is fine, let it settle for a few hours before using. It should separate in bottle.


DIY Body Wrap -lose up to 1 inch over night!

DIY Body Wrap -lose up to 1 inch over night!

DIY body wrap supplies

Lotion (it’s best if it contains something from the ocean: seaweed, kelp, mud. I couldn’t find any, so I just used what I had on-hand.)
Clear plastic wrap
Bandage wrap

Step 1 

– Apply a thick layer of lotion to the area you want to target. {Don’t rub it in completely!} You can do it on your stomach, your thighs, your upper arms, wherever your “trouble spots” are.

Step 2 

– Wrap the ENTIRE area with your plastic wrap. I went all the way around my mid-section several times. Make it snug but not tight; you do have to wear it ALL night long.

Step 3 

– Now wrap the area with a long bandage of some kind, anything that will keep your wrap in place. Be sure to cover the plastic completely.

The idea behind this is to help your body release water that’s retained due to weather, food consumption; even Mother Nature’s visits. The combination of lotion and plastic helps sweat it out of you.

Mole Removal With Honey

You may have heard of people getting successful mole removal with honey and wondered if you could have some success with this method. I am sharing the steps you can follow to remove a mole in this way so you can give it a go and see for yourself how successful it is.

I can relate to anyone who has a mole they would like to get rid of because my fair skin was filled with them! Kids in school used to tease and for years I thought it was just something I had to live with.
You can remove a mole with honey and here are the steps to take:
  • 1. Make sure the area surrounding the mole is clean, you want the area to be free of oils that naturally occur on the skin surface so take a washcloth with some soapy water and wipe the area clean.
  • 2. Use normal table honey from the grocery store. The type of honey should not matter but note that you would like to be at room temperature, do not stick the bottle in the refrigerator or heat it as this may change the nature of the enzymes.
  • 3. Apply a liberal amount of honey to the mole and then cover with a band-aid so the honey is held in place.
  • 4. Reapply each day (I recommend reapplying twice a day) and place a new band-aid on each time.
You may need to reapply for days of longer depending on a variety of factors such as the moles initial size, whether it is raised or flat, whether there are layers of dark pigment below the skin, proper application, and so on.
 The reason honey is effective at getting rid of moles and skin blemishes is because of the enzymes found in honey. Even though honey has been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy for skin blemishes, it was not until recently that scientists fully understood the healing properties of honey. Honey helps the skin through these healing enzymes and it also contains nourishing vitamins and minerals as well as antibiotic properties.

There are other methods of mole removal such as surgery and laser treatments but there are things to consider with these methods, in particular the high cost and possibility of scarring. My personal opinion is to try a home remedy first as I find they are very inexpensive and typically have very few side effects. Note: you should have any mole evaluated for cancer first before applying a home remedy – don’t take a chance.

I hope you have found this information helpful. You can get successful mole removal with honey and there are other home remedies available as well that will allow you to fade your moles away.

The 2 minute teaspoon trick to help depuff eyes

Puffy eyes and a set of lacklustre star-gazers are the very bane of my existence at the moment. I’ve had that many late night events on in the past few weeks, that I’m almost certain people are starting to mistake me for Lindsay Lohan circa jail mug shot days.

The 2 minute teaspoon trick to help depuff eyesBut I recently picked up on a clever little beauty trick that’s supercharged my beauty routine impeccably, and it involves merely two items — teaspoons! Yup, two icy cold teaspoons are the quickest, cheapest and most natural way to remedy inflammation, boost circulation and make the overall eye area appear refreshed and well-rested. Read on to reveal all!



- 2 teaspoons that have been placed in the freezer overnight.


1. Wash the spoons to make sure they’re not sticky.
2. Place the back of the spoons directly over closed eyes for 2 minutes.
2. Remove from lids and say hello to bright, depuffed blinkers.
That’s it. That’s the trick! You don’t need the latest de-puffing cream or roller thingy to soothe and replenish the eye area, simply two basic items from your kitchen drawer. How awesome is that?!

How to Shape Your Nails

How to Shape Your Nails
Oval Nails
If you fancy a traditional nail shape, opt for the oval. This nail shape isn’t as strong as the square because the sides are filed down, but the oval nail shape gives wide nail beds a more feminine appearance. For this classic nail shape, file nails into an egg shape by holding the nail file at an angle. Oval nails are best for short fingers because it replicates the shape of the finger and gives a longer appearance.

Round Nails
This nail shape is for the more conservative lady. If you’re constantly working with your hands and need to keep a short nail, this is the best bet. The round nail shape is also a safe choice because it’s easy to maintain and complements longer fingers or larger hands. To achieve this shape, start as you would with a sqaure nail and then round the nail out at slight angle or follow the curve of your fnger.

Square Nails
The most popular nail shape is the square nail. While fashionably famous, it’s also the sturdiest nail shape because it spans the entire width of the nail bed. It won’t slice steel in two, but it won’t break as easily either. To achieve this shape, trim your nails to the desired length and file nails in one direction straight across the entire nail. To finish the look, file lightly around the edges to clean up any snags or roughness. This nail shape works best for long fingers with a wide nail bed.

Squoval Nails
The in-between nail shape: not quite a square nail, but not quite an oval nail. This is also a strong nail choice since the majority of the nail is as wide as the nail bed, similar to square nails. To get this nail shape, start as you would with an oval nail by filing the edges of your nail at an angle. Once you’ve gotten the oval shape, flatten the peak of the nail by filing as you would a square nail, straight across in one direction. This nail shape is flattering on any finger length.  

nails_v2 (1)

Almond Nails
For a lady-like nail, the almond shape is the way to go. To start this shaping process, mark a spot in the center of your nail and file toward that point. File the nail at an angle that is just off the center of the nail, leaving a flat tip to round out. After you have the angles on both sides, file the corners to smooth out the sharp angles and blend the nail into an almond shape. The almond nail shape elongates fingers and adds a feminine flare to shorter fingers.

Stiletto Nails
 This look is definitely for the more daring. The stiletto nail, also known as a pointed nail, has created quite the sensation among rock stars such as Rhianna and Adele. It’s also the nail shape choice for those looking for a long and slender look to their hands. To get this nail shape, alternate filing both sides to the center of the nail. If need be, you can mark the middle of the nail as a guideline. While the pointed nail may be a trend to try, it’s the weakest nail shape and is often seen done on acrylic or gel nails to avoid damaging natural nails.