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How To: The Easiest Smoky Eye, Ever!

As you can see this is the most easiest way to do smoky eyes and all you need is a black make-up pencil. So here is your simple steps to get you there.
  1. Draw 2 lines parallel to each other. 1 in the corner of the eyelid and 1 just in front.
  2. From the corner of the eye draw a black line half over the eyelid and one in the middle going half way across the eyelid.
  3. Use your finger to smug it all in.
There you go it’s over before you need it.

Best Alternative Tool For Your Curls WOOW !

Checkout these amazing tools for curling your hair like a pro !

the steps 
 Hope you like it !

OMG ! How To Apply The Eyeliner On the Right Way

When you plan to apply a eyeliner always remember to use a black one as it will emphasize your eye color and will look better on your eyes. 


Avoid brown or red eyeliner as it will make your eyes look sick.

How to Contour Your Nose like a star !

There are a lot of women who have issues about their nose shapes. Some find their noses too flat, others too big, too pointy and so on, that there are hardly any people who are really satisfied with their nose shapes. Some people worry so much about their noses that the first thing they do when they turn 21 is to have a nose job. Well, if you do not want to spend so much money on an operation, or you are afraid of it, here is an alternative solution: how about contouring your nose? It will not take you so much time and efforts once you learn how to do it. And it would definitely be much cheaper than trying to “fix” your nose in any other way. So, here is how to contour your nose to meet the best results possible.
You will need: foundation, concealer bronzing stick, dark, powder, translucent powder, and moisturizer.
Step 1 Prep your face and apply foundation
As it is with every kind of makeup, we start with moisturizing the face skin. You can use whatever moisturizer you want, it could be even a face cream. Apply it all over your face, even a bit on your neck. Then you can move on to applying the foundation. Some people like to mix the foundation with the moisturizer for a better effect, but both ways are fine. Apply foundation that is close to your natural skin color all over your face, including the neckline. You need to make sure that the color of your face blends perfectly with the color of your neck so that it does not look like you are wearing a mask. Once you have a nice base, you can move on to contouring your face.
Step 2 Apply contouring powder
The first thing you have to do before you start contouring your nose is to find out what type of contouring you need. This depends on your nose shape. We have decided to talk about each nose shape, so you can concentrate on your own, and skipping these shapes you do not need. So, here they are:
  • A very wide nose (from top to bottom) – If you have such kind of nose, you need to contour it to make it smaller. You need to apply the contouring powder on both sides of your nose, beginning from the top and going down. The only thing you need to be careful here is that you should not apply too much of the powder. Two thin lines on both sides will be enough.
  • A wide bottom part of the nose – if your nose is lager on the bottom, you need to make only this part of it look thinner. Apply the contouring powder on the curves of your nostrils, and only there.
  • Too big tip of the nose – if your nose is wider at the front part of it, where its tip is, you need to apply the concealer all over the front part of it, including the nostrils.
What you need to remember about all kinds of contouring that you should blend well with a blending brush, so there are no harsh lines left. This is just as important as contouring the right parts of your nose. And here is how to do it:
Step 3 Apply dark powder
Once you have applied the contouring powder, you need to apply another powder which is about two tones darker than your natural skin color on the same places you have applied the contour. And if the first powder is in a stick or applied with a regular brush, the second one should be applied with an angled brush. This way you will be able both to blend the two powders you are using and to mark the best angles of your nose.
Step 4 Do not forget to blend
As we already mentioned, blending is almost as important as contouring. So, when you are finished with applying both powders, just get a blending brush. Blend with it the areas you contoured and the ones around them. This way the foundation and the two powders will get a perfect mix and you will even find it strange that you have used 3 makeup product, when it actually looks like one. And when you do this, you will be almost done. You just need the finishing touches.
Step 5 Apply translucent powder
The last step is to apply translucent powder all over your nose so that you seal the contouring color you have created. It is important to use translucent powder as a makeup tool to seal the color and not to smear. When you apply it, you also need to blend a little so people cannot tell that you have applied another kind of powder on your nose. And you are ready! Enjoy your new nose!

The best Winged Liner trick on a Hooded Eye

Enjoy this trick : follow the steps


hope you like it !

OMG This Is How You Can Make Your Eyelashes Look Thicker

If you’re a make up person, you can understand how important your eye make up is. It includes the perfection with the eye shadow, eye liner and oh, let’s not forget about your eye lashes. For a woman, the eye lashes are just as important. So here are certain easy hacks to make your lashes look thicker and better –  

1. The baby powder trick



Dip the eyelash brush in some baby powder and apply it in between the coats of mascara for a fuller look.

2. Direction is important

Use a vertically directed stroke for long eye lashes and horizontal if you want thicker lashes.

3. Curl and apply


You could use a curler and apply mascara at the same time. It prevents any smudging as well.

4. For the perfect finish


If you want a better working for your eye lash curler, make sure you warm the curler before a blow dryer for a minute or two.

5. Coconut oil


Apply coconut oil with the help of a lash comb on your eye lashes to grow them longer.

6. Bending the wand


Bend the edge of the mascara brush so that it’s perpendicular to the eye lash.

7. To remove clumps


If your mascara brush or bottle has formed clumps over time, place them in warm water for a while.

8. Q-tip power


If you’ve lost your eye lash curler, you can use a Q-tip for temporary curling of your lashes.

9. Reviving dried mascara


Use a saline solution and pour it inside the mascara bottle to moisturize the mascara again.

10. Use a spoon


You could use spoon as a barrier to prevent the mascara from going to your eye lids.

Top Flawless Lip Shape 2016 !

It is a well-known fact that the beauty of a human being depends a lot on the symmetry of his or her face and body. For instance, a woman can have smaller or larger body, but if it has symmetrical parts, it will appear beautiful. Or at least that’s what science told us. The same rule applies to the facial features. If they are symmetrical, it will be concluded that the face is beautiful. So, if you feel a little bit insecure about your beauty, check if there is some kind of misbalance with your facial features.
If you think that you lips are too small for the shape of your face, you should learn how to apply makeup designs that will make an illusion for bigger looking brows. Or, if the lips are a little bit out of shape, you can use this trick to make them look perfectly symmetrical. Take a look at the steps down below And I will show you how to apply lipstick in order to create the flawless lips shape. Here we go:
Flawless Lip Shape
  •  The trick is about the geometry. You have to line some strokes on the lips in parallel at the both sides of the lips – left and right, and bottom and top. But before that, prepare the lips by softening them with petroleum jelly and then exfoliate them with a lip scrub. You can use a homemade scrub with honey and crystal white sugar.
  • Then, the lining may begin. First, line an X below the cupid’s bow.
  • Then, draw two lines from the triangles of the cupid’s bow all the way down to the bottom lip as well.
  • Trace the borders of the lips. First the left and right sides of the top lip, then, the border of the bottom lip.
  • Fill in the shape with a solid color.
  • All done! Enjoy the flawless shape of your lips.

Friday, December 4, 2015

10 Ultimate Beauty Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money And Effort!

These amazing  Ultimate Beauty Hacks That Will Save You Time, Money And Effort!

Hope you like them all !

OH MY GOD ! Secret Drink To Lose Belly Fat Natural Way 7 days

This Drink helps you to loose the Belly fat over the course of time. Please remember you cannot loose belly fat by doing crash diet and only by diet. Little bit of exercise is required and you should take food according to your calorie intake.

The drink also contains powerful antioxidants that work on cellular level, trap toxins and safely remove them from the body so that you lose abdominal fat more easily and effectively.

Prepare this refreshing drink, attack fat deposits in your body and feel slimmer and healthier than ever.


2 oranges

1 limes

1 lemon

3 tsp. grated ginger

3 tbs. apple cider vinegar

2,5 liters water


Squeeze the oranges, lime and lemon and add the juice in the water. Put the ginger and apple cider vinegar and stir everything well. Consume this drink during the day. Repeat the procedure for a period of 5 days. If you want to melt more fat, make a 3-day break and then continue for 5 days more.

The Easiest Way to Apply Cat-eye Liner

Applying cat-eyeliner is never an easy task. Shaky hand, unstable head, nervous eyes, oily skin and hooded lids make it even more difficult to apply cat-eyeliner. 


But in this post we are sharing about a very simple thing which makes the application of cat-eyeliner a very simple task. It’s a Liner stencil which makes it easier to apply cat-eyeliner. Liner stencil is new product in market. 


You have to place it on your lid and use a small round brush to fill the gap and you will get your perfect cat-eye line.

OMG !! How To: Perfect Winged Eyeliner!

Every girl wants perfect winged eyeliner because it gives fabulous shape to their eyes. Perfect winged eyeliner also enhances their makeup. That’s why we are sharing procedure to get perfect winged eyeliner. 

You will need two angled brushes, liquid eyeliner and concealer for this. Follow these steps.


1. First of all apply primer to eyelids to create an even and smooth base for application of liner.

2. Use a thin eye line brush to make a line on outer corner of your eye. This line will determine size of your flick.

3. After this, apply liner close to your lash line on inner corner of your eyelid.
4. Join the line you created from outer corner of your eye, to eyeliner goes along the top of your eye.

5. Fill any in between gap. Use smaller strokes to fill any gap.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Nose Fast At Home

To put it merely blackheads ar essentially clogged hair follicles that are visible on the skin’s surface. Blackheads occur once pollutants, grime, dead skin cells, secretion and sure germs accumulate within the open pores and kind a plug.


Honey may be a natural antibiotic and works to drag out dirt from your open pores. combine a tablespoon of honey with ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon and use your fingers to dab it onto your dry skin. Rub it during a circular motion for 3 minutes so remove with heat water.

Egg whites facilitate to tighten pores and pull out any clogged dirt providing you with swish, clear skin. take away the yolks from 2 eggs and smear it into a skinny layer over your face. provides it 2 minutes to dry, then add the remaining whites in a very second layer. provide the entire mask a further 10-15 minutes to dry, or till the whites square measure swish to the bit and your skin feels tight. Use heat water to rinse the whites off your face.
There square measure many alternative sorts of cosmetic clay on the market to get in an exceedingly fine type, every with the specialised property of drying out oily pores and removing unwanted residue. combine a tablespoon of fine clay with enough apple acetum to form a paste, and unfold it over your face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes till it's dry to the bit, and so rinse with heat water

The carboxylic acid within the yoghourt and therefore the calming qualities of oatmeal combine to form a blackhead-blocking formula. build a paste of 3 tablespoons yoghourt, 2 tablespoons whole oats, and many drops of juice and oil. combine between your fingers and apply it to the skin by dabbing onto the affected space. enable it to line for 10 minutes, so wash with heat water.

OMG !!! 2 Easy Ways How To Cut Your Bangs At Home

Cutting your bangs is actually very easy and there are many methods how to do that. On this article you can see 2 most popular methods, you can try each of them at home. 
You don’t need much tools, just scissor and a hair brush. On the first tutorial you brush you bangs and use the brush as as a guide so cut them on the same line. Meanwhile on the second tutorial take your bags and twist them.
Cut the ends and than brush them. The second one is easier and you will success with the firs try but if you like the first one I would suggest you to try it because it isn’t difficult just try to be concentrated. You can also ask for a friend’s help if you feel that you aren’t ready to do it yourself.

1 Ingredient to make your hair longer, shiny ans thicker

This superb recipe that we present to you today will be your favorite hair treatment for sure!
Namely, if you have struggled to grow your hair for a long time, and are already tired from using all those expensive and ineffective treatments to enhance the quality of your hair, then, today is your lucky day!
We will reveal a completely natural, but extremely potent way to grow your hair, which will also ensure fantastic shine and thickness at the same time.
All you need for this superb hair- growth oil is unrefined extra virgin olive oil and garlic.
Garlic contains essential elements, including sulfur, copper, vitamin C, selenium, and minerals that are highly beneficial for hair growth. The copper in garlic promotes hair growth, thickens your hair, and intensifies hair color. To treat hair loss of any other hair issues, you can absolutely rely on the wonderful, versatile garlic.

Your Lips Says A Lot About You

Besides adding beauty to your face, your lips also tell a lot about your personality. Today we are sharing the connection between your character and the shape of your lips. Have a look. 


Small Mouth
People of this kind is very generous and have good nature. They are interested in all the events and likes to explore..

Large Mouth

Large mouth people are ambitious and love to command. They love to make friends and are talented and perfectionist.

Full Lips

They pose a high degree of confidence. Woman of this type are greedy and immature.

Thin Lips

They generally are uncertain in their decision, but they have a practical nature.

Heart Shaped Lips

People with this kind of lips are independent and expressive. They also don’t afraid of anything.

Low Corner On Mouth

People of these kind especially women don’t like to share their privacy and are my mysterious. They are egocentric and very clever.


Shapen your eyebrows perfectly by following this awesome tutorial! You will need: tape, brow brush, brow pencil.
-Place a small piece of tape underneath the eyebrows such as shown below; this will help keep the line straight while you fill in the eyebrow. Fill in the eyebrows carefully. Remove the tape and then continue filling in the rest of the brow and then with a brow brush, brush your eyebrow gently. With a cotton swab fix any mistake if needed and you are down!

Stone Pattern Nail Art Tutorial

Easy nail art designs for beginners that can be done at home.A Beautiful Silver Stone with Black & Silver Nail Art Black and White Nail. Easy and Good Ideas For Glitter Black and White Nail Art Designs. This Silver and black pattern is super nice.

These type of nail patterns are very famous these days, you can easily recreate this design on your nails. 

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1. File your nails into a square shape and apply a base coat.

2. Then paint the nails with silver shimmer nail polish and let them dry completely.

3. Outline the edges of the nail with black nail polish.Draw small connecting lines in order to create the stone pattern. Keep drawing until you cover the whole nail.

4. Make sure that the decoration is dry and lock it with a thick layer of top coat.