Friday, December 25, 2015

How to Contour Your Nose like a star !

There are a lot of women who have issues about their nose shapes. Some find their noses too flat, others too big, too pointy and so on, that there are hardly any people who are really satisfied with their nose shapes. Some people worry so much about their noses that the first thing they do when they turn 21 is to have a nose job. Well, if you do not want to spend so much money on an operation, or you are afraid of it, here is an alternative solution: how about contouring your nose? It will not take you so much time and efforts once you learn how to do it. And it would definitely be much cheaper than trying to “fix” your nose in any other way. So, here is how to contour your nose to meet the best results possible.
You will need: foundation, concealer bronzing stick, dark, powder, translucent powder, and moisturizer.
Step 1 Prep your face and apply foundation
As it is with every kind of makeup, we start with moisturizing the face skin. You can use whatever moisturizer you want, it could be even a face cream. Apply it all over your face, even a bit on your neck. Then you can move on to applying the foundation. Some people like to mix the foundation with the moisturizer for a better effect, but both ways are fine. Apply foundation that is close to your natural skin color all over your face, including the neckline. You need to make sure that the color of your face blends perfectly with the color of your neck so that it does not look like you are wearing a mask. Once you have a nice base, you can move on to contouring your face.
Step 2 Apply contouring powder
The first thing you have to do before you start contouring your nose is to find out what type of contouring you need. This depends on your nose shape. We have decided to talk about each nose shape, so you can concentrate on your own, and skipping these shapes you do not need. So, here they are:
  • A very wide nose (from top to bottom) – If you have such kind of nose, you need to contour it to make it smaller. You need to apply the contouring powder on both sides of your nose, beginning from the top and going down. The only thing you need to be careful here is that you should not apply too much of the powder. Two thin lines on both sides will be enough.
  • A wide bottom part of the nose – if your nose is lager on the bottom, you need to make only this part of it look thinner. Apply the contouring powder on the curves of your nostrils, and only there.
  • Too big tip of the nose – if your nose is wider at the front part of it, where its tip is, you need to apply the concealer all over the front part of it, including the nostrils.
What you need to remember about all kinds of contouring that you should blend well with a blending brush, so there are no harsh lines left. This is just as important as contouring the right parts of your nose. And here is how to do it:
Step 3 Apply dark powder
Once you have applied the contouring powder, you need to apply another powder which is about two tones darker than your natural skin color on the same places you have applied the contour. And if the first powder is in a stick or applied with a regular brush, the second one should be applied with an angled brush. This way you will be able both to blend the two powders you are using and to mark the best angles of your nose.
Step 4 Do not forget to blend
As we already mentioned, blending is almost as important as contouring. So, when you are finished with applying both powders, just get a blending brush. Blend with it the areas you contoured and the ones around them. This way the foundation and the two powders will get a perfect mix and you will even find it strange that you have used 3 makeup product, when it actually looks like one. And when you do this, you will be almost done. You just need the finishing touches.
Step 5 Apply translucent powder
The last step is to apply translucent powder all over your nose so that you seal the contouring color you have created. It is important to use translucent powder as a makeup tool to seal the color and not to smear. When you apply it, you also need to blend a little so people cannot tell that you have applied another kind of powder on your nose. And you are ready! Enjoy your new nose!

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