Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What is the Best Nail Extension Method?

Nails in the animal kingdom are used for hunting. In the human world, however, nails have completely different function already – they are one of the canvas on which women love to present their personalities, or use them just to be more pretty. Whatever the reasons for wanting to have beautiful manicure, a woman needs first to have strong and long nails. Some women have too short nail plates, and if they do not let their nails grow a little before doing their manicure, they probably will not receive what they asked for. And here is where the nail extension methods come in. Now we are going to present you some of the best (and in our opinion in the best) nail extension method; why you should choose it and what to expect before you make an appointment at the beauty salon.

The method we are so much in love with is called acrylic nail extension. It work for any types of nails, even the ones which are extremely short, because of the bad habit of bating one’s nails. Now you will learn every single detail that you need to know about this method, which can do you a lot of favors in future. For all of you who have tried gel overlay will find it easier to compare the two methods when we describe the acrylic one, but one of the biggest advantages acrylic has over gel is that with gel overlay, one can break their nails much easily than with the acrylic. There are just some women who are not able to endure gel, and they start breaking their nails on purpose. But enough for the gel, we need to turn all our attention to the acrylic method.
So what is this acrylic method we do not stop telling you about? As you can see on the pictures, in order to have your nails done this way, you need some additional tools. And these tools that are going to help you with this method look like long thimbles or some really crazy nail art. They are the shapes that you are doing to help you place your new nails on your (short) natural ones, which will make them longer. There are different kinds of thimbles, we will call them in this way from now one so that you do not mistake them for something else. There are thimbles made from different material, like cardboard or paper, and metal. Our advice is always to choose the metal ones, because you can use them over and over again, while the paper ones you have to throw right after you finish with your manicure. So, get your metal thimbles in the shape you want your nails to have: square, oval, almond, etc.
So, what are they going to do to you when you go to the beauty salon for your acrylic nails? Some manicurists begin with a nice relaxing massage and apply moisturizer in your hands, but not all of them. Then they will shape your natural nails, or the thing that has left from them if you bite them. Then they are going to reshape the thimbles so that they fit your nail plate perfectly. You know that people have different nail width, and for the acrylic nails the shape of the thimbles needs to be precise. They are going to measure the thimbles and to cut the extra part of them, if there is such. When this is done it is time to place the nails.
As you know, with every extension method, no matter whether it is about hair or nails, what you are missing is going to be added to your hair or nails. And for both things you need something to hold them to your body (head or nails). So, for the acrylic nails you will need some adhesive which is going to be applied on your nails on the tip or the place the manicurist decides is best.
One important thing you need to remember about this method is that the new nail that is going to be placed on your own nail should never be longer than your nail plate, otherwise it just will not work, or at least not for the time you want it to work. You can use a nail file to have the shape you want, and you do not need to worry that the new nail will fall down, the adhesive holds it.
The last thing is to have some kind of nail polish which will hide that you have a nail extension, which, of course, is not necessary. You need to see your manicurist again after 3 to 4 weeks. By this time your natural nails will have grown and your nails will need refilling.

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