Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Tutorial for the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

If you have outstanding eyebrows, you won’t need a glamorous lid design to make your face glow with a fascinating makeup design. 
 In fact, you should try something that is called no-makeup makeup. You will apply makeup on your face, of course, but the trick is to put it in a way that it will be invisible and not noticeable, which means that we will try to achieve natural effects of the facial parts that will be covered in makeup products. Let’s trace the steps and everything will become clear. Here we go:
CHIKK one tutorial for the perfect eyebrow shape
  • You must start with the face coverage. I recommend you to use a CC cream, but before that, prepare the face with a primer. We want the pores clean and fresh, right?
  • Then, apply just a little bit of color on the eyes – black pencil on the top waterline to thicken the lashes and then, apply mascara. Nothing else. Well, if you want, you can enhance the crease with soft brown color or something like that, but nothing more.
  • Then, move to the eyebrows. This is the most important step for the no-makeup makeup look. The brows must be perfect, they must mask the fact that you have other makeup products on the face, but yet, they must look natural – interesting job, don’t you think? So, line the bottom edge of the eyebrow and then fill in the brow with soft and delicate motions. Use the flat angled brush to apply the color. Then comb the brows with clean mascara wand to remove the excessive color. Smooth the bottom edge of the brow by applying highlighter. Smudge it with your finger or with a brush.
  • Then, move to the lips. They must be natural too, so don’t choose anything too glossy for them. A simple, pink-tinted lip balm will be a great choice for this look. Voila!

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