Monday, April 3, 2017

Warning: Do Not Apply These 2 Things On Your Face

Our face is the reflection of our true selves and thus it’s important that we take good care of face and facial skin. Facial skin is more sensitive and thin than the skin on our body. Care must be taken while following a cleansing routine. While most of the time one tend to look up for home remedies on internet and blindly apply products on our face, you must care not to apply certain products as they may harm your skin. Check out the things you must not try out on your skin:


There are some people who use hair spray as quick fix to keep their in place, however this is a wrong practice. The use of hairspray should be limited to hair only as they contain alcohol and lacquers which can dehydrate your skin and irritate your skin. This can also make you look older and clog the skin pores.


Lemons is a good source of vitamin c and if you want to get all the benefits from the lemon, then simply squeeze the lemon in a glass of water and drink. Lemon is highly acidic in nature and hence should never be applied on the face. Lemon can destroy the PH balance of skin and can make your skin burn.


When you look up scrubbing ingredients from your kitchen cabinet, many will suggest using sugar as natural scrub for your skin. While a solution of sugar and olive oil will do wonders on legs, sugar on your skin can be harmful. This happens because our facial skin is thinner than the skin on our body and the texture of sugar is rough for our facial skin. The rough texture of sugar can lead to premature aging of skin and cause wrinkles as well.

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